What is an alternative to NSAID

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Acetaminophen, sold as Tylenol, Anacin 3, Panadal, and other brands is the most common alternative to NSAIDs. Acetaminophen is inexpensive and generally safe. It poses far less of a risk for gastrointestinal problems and miscarriage than NSAID’s. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-an-alternative-to-nsaid ]
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Is there an alternative to the NSAID?
・ Alternative interventions may have a more favourable balance of benefits and risks. For example, consider:… ・ For pain relief: paracetamol, codeine, and other analgesics, especially if an NSAID is not likely to …
Do alternative ways of taking an NSAID help reduct side effects??
Because the gastrointestinal side effects of the earlier NSAIDs are largely the result of their metabolites once they circulate around the body, if the drug is given by intramuscular injection or by suppository to the rectum, the majority o…
What is safe alternative to (NSAIDs) Non Steroidal Anti-inflammat…?
Tylenol may not be an NSAID but it is nevertheless a mainstream drug not found in nature and thus it can have side effects as almost all such drugs do. In the case of tylenol (acetaminophen), those side effects can include appetite loss, di…

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Any Suggestions for an Alternative to Naproxen?
Q: I have a reverse curvature to my cervical spine causing terrible pain in my neck and right shoulder. To manage the pain, I have been taking about 3,000 miligrams of Naproxen a day. The Naproxen is really starting to tear up my stomach. Can anyone suggest a better alternative to Naproxen another NSAID that is less irritating?oh – already going to a chiroprator… not helping much
A: NSAID’s all do the same, but they act a little differently. Try switching to a different one (doesn’t matter which; everyone’s different) and make sure you don’t take them on an empty stomach–that helps ease some of the insult. Maybe try maalox or something like that to help ease the blow to your stomach…
I am allergic to Paracetamol & Ibuprofen.Any suggestions on alternative drugs to ease fever & headaches?
Q: My eyes swell badly when I pop in ibuprofen @ paracetamol. I know that I should try different drugs on myself because no one knows better than my own body. However, has anyone faced the same situation and has already tried an effective drug for him or herself ?I do know that Paracetamol and Ibuprofen go under the same category – NSAID. That means other NSAIDS should have at least similar effects, right ?
A: Ibu and Paracetamol (acetaminophen in the US) are not both NSAIDS.NSAIDS are: Naproxen, Ibuprophen, Aspirin, etchttp://www.lyberty.com/encyc/articles/nsaid.htmlParacetamol is something totally different, and about the only OTC pain medication that isn’t an NSAID.If you’re having problems with both, then you should go see an allergist ASAP. Its possible that its something in the pills (filler) not the active ingredient, since you react to both.If you are truly allergic to both medications, about the only pain meds left for you are highly addictive and controlled substances.So go see your doctor.And yes.. if you react to one NSAID, its highly likely you’ll react the same to all.
Does anyone know and alternative to any form of Ibuprofen?
Q: I need to take a pain killer thats is not a NSAID. I have been taking Advil, then Aleve and now Meloxicam. I feel terrible all I can do is sit all day. I rather man up and live with the pain of a tailbone bruise then continue this way.that cortisone shot idea sounds good I am going to call my doctor thank you for the suggestion
A: With tailbone pain, you need two types of medication – one type to reduce inflammation and another type to reduce the pain. NSAIDs treat inflammation, but they have little direct effect on pain. Acetaminophen reduces pain, but has no effect on inflammation. Your best bet is to take Alleve and Acetaminophen together. Since these two drugs have completely different modes of action, they can be taken together. Alleve or Meloxicam are generally better than ibuprofen since they are easier on the stomach. Your other option is to get a prescription pain med or a cortisone shot from a doctor. A cortisone shot can completely stop the pain for a month or two, although the shot itself can be pretty painful for the first day or so before the benefits kick in.
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