What is better a tampon or a pad

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Some like pads better and never use tampons, some use tampons and never use pads, some use both. Neither is better than the other. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-better-a-tampon-or-a-pad ]
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What is better tampons or pads?
it comes down to personal preferences. For me, I was scared to use a tampon for a long time. I thought they were scary and uncomfortable and I just didn’t like the idea of sticking that in myself. However, I never liked pads either, I espec…
Which is better? Tampons or pads?
well, i also HATED pads, so i tried using tampons. I’m 15 and started this summer, it took awhile to get the hang of it, and used probably the whole box the first time trying to get it in. I tried all of the positions on the box and couldn’…
Are pads or tampons better?
In choosing between the two, what matters is a girl’s physical and emotional comfort. A tampon can be uncomfortable in the years right after menstruation starts, when the pelvis and vagina are still growing. Usually, girls are more comfor…

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Which Is Safer and Better Pad Or Tampon?
Q: I always hear people say tampons are dangerous and you can get infections and I just wondered which are safer and better pads or tampons?
A: Pads are DEFINITELY safer. I don’t think anyone can even dispute it. Wearing pads does not have any of the dangers that wearing tampons does, including TSS, which can be very very serious. Plus, it seems unnatural to plug it up, if you know what I mean, rather than just letting it flow.And in my opinion anyway, and it seems like most girls my age disagree, pads are better than tampons. Its easier to know how heavy you’re bleeding when you’re wearing a pad and also its easy to know when its time to change your pad. With tampons, its a guessing game. Plus, pads are very comfortable to wear while tampons can hurt a lot of you’re small.
What do you think is better a tampon or a pad?
Q: I am 11 years old just had my first period and i dont no what is better a tampon or a pad for your first time.
A: a pad is better. my mom gives me those pads called always. i’m 11 years old too but i’m scared to put a tampon
Is a tampon or a pad better?
Q: I started my period not too long ago and this is the second time. It bleeds through the pad and my clothes. It’s really thick (the pad). But I think a tampon would be better, cuz I always run around and do sports. Which is better?
A: It’s up to the person what they use, but why limit the choice to just tampons or pads? Commercial tampons, organic tampons, sponge tampons, soft tampons, cloth tampons, padettes, commercial pads, organic pads, cloth pads, homemade pads, period belts, period panties, period blankets, silicone menstrual cups, rubber menstrual cups, diaphragms as menstrual cups, homemade menstrual cups, softcups, free-flow, free-flow layering, free-flow instinctive, extraction and menstrual management – all are very different. Tampons really aren’t better because they are unsafe and unhygienic as they prevent vaginal cleaning, encourage bacterial growth, absorb vaginal fluids and many brands contain harmful ingredients, because of this there are many health risks and in turn it means that there are a lot of precautions to follow which makes tampons inconvenient. With tampons you also still have to use pads, you would need to use pads as back-up because tampons leak, you also have to use pads overnight, during light flow days, and you are supposed to alternate between tampons and pads. See http://www.spotsite.org Menstrual cups are a far better option, they’re internal but far safer and cleaner than tampons, as they are safer it means that you can wear cups up to 12 hours at a time, including from light to heavy flow, overnight and even before your period is due. As cups hold more fluid and create a seal it also means that they do not leak so no mess and no need to wear pads as back-up as you do with tampons. Cups are a million times better than tampons or pads, I’ve used a Mooncup and a Ladycup for about seven years and would NEVER go back to using tampons or pads. http://www.menstrualcups.org – Menstrual cup supporthttp://www.scarleteen.com/article/advice/what_are_menstrual_cups – Cup article on Scarleteenhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cup – Menstrual cups on Wikipediahttp://www.mum.org/mencups – History of menstrual cups http://www.mooncup.co.uk/wc.php?u=1741 – Mooncup menstrual cup
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