What is budeprion used for

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Budeprion is used for the treatment of depression. It is also approved for the prevention of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-budeprion-used-for ]
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What is budeprion sr?
Budeprion (buPROPion) Bupropion is an antidepressant medication…
What is Budeprion used for?
iGuard.org is currently tracking more than 31,200 patients that use Budeprion (or similar drugs with the same active ingredient(s)). Use the table below to learn why iGuard users take this product; click on any underlined condition to get i…
Is Budeprion used to treat anxiety or depression only?
I’m not sure with the drug but with depression usually never comes anxiety. Why would you be anxious about laying in bed all day not wanting the world to bother you? Just sayin…

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Is Budeprion used to treat anxiety or depression only?
Q: And is anxiety and depression the same?
A: I’m not sure with the drug but with depression usually never comes anxiety. Why would you be anxious about laying in bed all day not wanting the world to bother you? Just sayin…
Are my symptoms severe enough to be using Budeprion Sr 150mg?
Q: I recently went to my doctor after my mother passed away and complained about minor mood changes. I felt less active, unable to focus on simple task, was eating more to fill the void, and it was getting harder to remember certain things; esp. details. On the other hand, I have two kids that I spend time with everyday helping them with their homework and taking them out to eat. They don’t have a clue about my mood change. However my doctor automatically diagnosed me with depression. I don’t have a family history of depression or nothing similar. I’m concerned now that I have read about all the side effects and somewhat unsure if my symptoms are just temporary and going to pass sense I was doing just fine before my moms death. My doctor said that it would be used as a stimulant while beginning the normalization process of the brain. My question is: how severe is severe? How do I know if I really need to take this drug? If so: what if my symptoms were temporary and my mood would’ve soon return? Can anyone help me? Open to any suggestions and all responses. Thank you
A: I also take wellbutrin and maybe if I give a description on the reason I take it you can make up your mind if you really need it after all. I take wellbutrin because my depression gets really bad. I mean I cannot talk right; I cannot remember even simple things like where my local walmart is located; I have constant thoughts of suicide; I have no motivation to do anything like shower; I don’t trust myself to drive a car; I withdraw from family and friends for extended periods. I think your depression is situational perhaps it would be best if you sought out a therapist who can help you overcome your sadness by helping you identify stresses in your life rather than going the medication route although if you were prescribed that drug you should give it a chance anyways as the side effects are minimal. This is the only suggestion I can give.
I have terrible stomach aches and can’t eat from using budeprion, how long does this last?
Q: I started about three days ago and ever since then I have stomach aches, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and fatigue. I am prescribed to Budeprion SR 100 mg tablet and I take it twice a day. Can anyone tell me when/ if these side effects stop?Oh, and did anyone have hallucinations? I have the last two nights. It happens when there is a small amount of light. Like a night light or something.I saw a goldfish swimming for about five seconds and then turned into another kind of fish. It was short. Then I saw a pillow float and shadows started to bend and distort. All of these were short and disappeared after I picked my head off the pillow. Any similar experiences?
A: I did not have a stomach ache or any GI effects from it. I had hallucinations from seroquel. I know how disturbing they can be. Call your doctor and tell them what is going on.
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