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Cialis is an oral treatment for erectile dysfunction and can only be obtained with a prescription. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-cialas ]
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Viagra vs. Cialas vs. Levitra…Which Is Better?
Since 1998, Viagra has dominated the erectile dysfunction market. However with the recent release of both Cialas and Levitra, men are left with the question of which one to use. While all three have been proven very effective, there are spe…
How can i get free cialas. What is cialas.
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Are there other medical uses for cialas than ED?
Hi XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Diabetes may cause ED. Cialis may be used to treat ED caused by diabetes. So far, Cialis is not approved or suggested to treat other conditions.

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which is more effective as I had prostate surgury 4 years ogo viagra or cialas?
Q: what is your experience using these drugs.I know cialas is good for 36 hours and this is not important as the effectiveness if there is a diference in your opinion.
A: Based on what I’ve read about all 3 E D meds, Cialis claims to have the highest % of men that report success – but it is marginal at about 60%. Comments from guys I know that use it (and its a small sample)are that Viagra hits like a ton of lead and gives the firmest erections. See your Dr. and try all 3 – Good Luck
Whats the diffrence between Viagra and Cialas? Is one better? Are they harmful or do they have side effects?
Q: Are there any natrual herbs or remedys to accomplish same or simlar results?
A: Viagra and Cialis are both for ED ( Erectile Dysfunction) but, I’m sure already knew that. Viagra is usually taken about one hour before sex. Cialis is known as ” the weekend pill” which allows you to have sex off and on for 48 hours. If you are taken medications known in a class called “Nitrates” ( medications for angina attacks – chest pains) , do Not take them as you would put yourself@ risk for a heart attack,among other serious problems. Herbal remedies: Dehydroepiandrosterone ( DHEA). But, it should be approved & supervised by your Doc. Long-term safety data does not exist for this supplement. Asian ginseng ( Panax ginseng). 1,800 mg/day for 3 months helped improve libido and the ability to maintain an erection. Or,you can take 900mg three times/day for eight weeks. Ginkgo biloba (GBE) 240mg a day for nine months. Or, 200mg a day has a positive effect on sexual function in 76% of the men that were in a study. I hope that this helps.Check out www.Savon. ErectileDysfuntion.com or www.SavonHealth.com
Question about Viagara, Levitra, Cialas,etc..Should old people even be allowed to have sex?
Q: I’m talking 55+, Is that not that disgusting?
A: I will soon be at the age you are referring to as disgusting. Am I understanding your question for how it reads. You didn’t hit a soft spot with me but a Hard One. And that’s exactlyhow my lady friends describe it, the lady friends around your age that have realized that if they want total satisfaction and maturity together, they seek out experienced gentleman such as myself. When I was in my teens and early adult hood I did not have the sexual endurance I now have, did not take my time ensuring the partner was fully satisfied, did not pay attention to what I ate, did not practice the foreign Kama Sutra stuff, and always over exercised not leaving the energy necessary to really have a long lasting and wonderful session. As I matured I started eating properly, exercising properly, reading, studying, and practicing the wonderful techniques of long lasting sex, understanding the importance of fully satisfying my partner, the importance of trying different exciting techniques and having fun while having sex, not being afraid to experiment with new things, and really appreciating my partners for the beautiful, sensual, and wonderful beings they are. I am now doing and enjoying what you dream to be able to do someday. So where were we with this disgusting question?Have a nice day
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