What is coccida

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Coccidia are single celled organisms that infect the intestine. They are microscopic parasites detectable on routine fecal tests in the same way that worms are, but coccidia are not worms and are not susceptible to deworming medications. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-coccida ]
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What is Coccida in puppies?
Hi Sid, Coccida is a parasite that comes from dirty soil, normally from ground that has had chickens or birds on it at some time. It is one of the hardest things to get out of soil. It also comes from very dirty environments (like puppy mil…

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How many ML’s of liquid Albon do I need to give my Cats/kitten each day for the course of 10 days for Coccida?
A: Call the vet who gave you the medication and get the proper dosage and instructions.good Luck!
Can Anyone tell me the details on Just Toxicidia not Coccida?
Q: I was just contacted by a family that purchased a puppy from me a week ago. They informed me the vet just diagnotced the pup with Toxicidia. I have been looking up information and im not having much luck. I have seen it in horses and had a horse die from it after a miscarriage because the aintobotics took effect to slow. but i have never seen it in pups. Now long does it take for symptoms to show? How contagious is it? How deadly is it? Any information would be greatly appreciated. What is the likely hood the puppy got the infection while still with me and how high is the risk the other pups have it. None show signs. They have an appointment friday for tests. I am just worried and would like as much information as possible. It has been very wet from the rain and the pups play outside alot and love the dirt and mud. I am very concerned almost frantic. My vet said it’s possible the pup contracted it else where and as long as the pups show no signs they should be fine until friday.
A: Hi there…in all honesty, you may have to speak with your veterinarian. All the veterinary websites do list any results for “toxidia” only coccidia. http://www.VeterinaryPartner.com/Content.plxhttp://www.vet.cornell.edu/search/query.idq?UserRestriction=toxidia&CiMaxRecordsPerPage=10&CiScope=%2F&TemplateName=query&CiSort=rank%5Bd%5D&HTMLQueryForm=search.htm
My 6 week old chihuhua was taken to the vet for diarrhea with a trace of blood in it, i thought maybe parvo?
Q: he showed up negative for parvo and garidia but had his poo sent to a lab to test everything else. he had coccida and the beginning stages of garidia. He’s currently on albon and keopectin. Im about to go pick up two more meds for him.any advice anyone can give me? He’s currently eating very well, and drinking, playing..you’d never guess he was sick.
A: Sounds like your pup is responding perfectly to the treatment. Keep up with his meds, monitor his food and water intake, and get him to his follow up exams and he should be okay.Glad to see a good, responsible pet owner with a pet who’s happy and getting healthy!
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