What is good for a tooth pain

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One thing good for tooth pain is any Tooth desensitizer! Most pharmacies will sell over the counter tooth desensitizers…MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-good-for-a-tooth-pain ]
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What is good for teeth pain ?
Ambesol works well for acute pain and is applied directly to the tooth bothering you. Oragel works wonders for mouth sores/ tooth pain (if associated with braces). OTC meds such as Advil, Tynelol, and or Asprin (if you are over 18) can also…
What is a natural remedy for tooth pain?
Are their any good home remedies for tooth pain?
Clove Oil from a health store works really well, but if you are brave you can chew up a tylenol (yes i said chew) and let it sit on the sore area. If you have children, you can try some liquid tylenol, just keep on affected area for a bit. …

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What is good for wisdom tooth pain?
Q: My wisdom tooth hurts so much! I been taking 3 Advil’s every 5 hours but it doesn’t help! I been having so much pain for 3 days straight! I could barely talk! :/How can I make the pain stop?
A: IBUPROFEN! I guess you could find someone with Vicodine, Percocet, or some other kinda narcotic if you take that kinda stuff but I say take Ibprofen until you get it pulled but if it’s infected you’ll have to take an antibiotic before they can pull it because the infection can get into the blood stream & can be fatal. Go see a dentist.
what is a good way to alleviate tooth pain when you are not able to see a dentist.?
Q: i’ve tried over the counter meds (tylenol, advil, aleve.) Ice, heat, inflicting pain in another part of the body etc. (jk about the last part)its an abscessed tooth and i don’t have insurance currently and wont be eligible for insurance till may.i also tried various types of numbing gels. and i cant do the prushed aspirin around it because that does too much damage.
A: If it’s a back tooth have it pulled immediately, if the abcess continues in can be life theatening. Untreated tooth abscess is very dangerous. If abscessed tooth left untreated, the tooth infection can spread and you can lose your tooth or have other health problems. Left untreated, tooth abscess may compromise the immune system and in some cases may become life-threatening.A tooth abscess complication includes tooth loss, jaw bone damage, neighboring tooth damage or loss, sinus problems, brain abscess, heart damage, hospitalization, coma, and even death.Extraction only costs about $100 or so vs. $2000 or more for a root canal. Plus root canals are very dangerous. There is a lot of documentation to back that up. Check out some of the following sites:http://www.mercola.com/article/dental/rootcanal/root_canals.htmhttp://www.sacredconnections.co.uk/Health%20Awareness/Root%20canal%20treatment%20&%20mercury%20amalgam.htmIf you can, try to find a holistic dentist since most regular dentists will try to pressure you into having a root canal.In the meantime, try Orajel or a product like that. It immediately stops the pain, but if your tooth is really abcessed, then the Orajel is going to be less and less effective the longer you wait.
Why does tooth and some foot pain feel good?
Q: Like you know how you put pressure on your teeth, or if your toe is sore, and you press on it, it feels good?A long time ago when my teeth were loose, I would always love to press on them. Sometimes my shoes give my toes a lot of pain, but I just love the pressure I put on them. I’ve asked other people before, and they like it too.Burning pain from a cut is not good though. Bad pain.
A: I know exactly what you meanwith the teeth thing.. it like hurts but doesnt hurt enough for you to stop touching them..lol it feels cool
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