What is life support

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Life support is defined as therapy or device designed to preserve someone’s life when an essential bodily system is not doing so. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-life-support ]
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Definition Life support refers to a spectrum of techniques used to maintain life after the failure of one or more vital organs. Purpose A patient requires life support when one or more vital organs fail, due to causes such as trauma, infect…
33 I have an old friend on life support. It will be a week on Sunday. I feel so much pain for her husband and her kids. She is only 32 years old and we are the same age. I’m not sure if she believes in God, but I truly do, and we are all pr…
Life support is a term for a set of therapies to preserve a patient’s life when essential bodily systems are not working well enough to be relied upon. Life support therapies utilize some combination of several techniques: enteric feeding, …

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What age can they turn off life support for a brain dead person?
Q: My cousin hanged himself a week ago, and has been on life support since. His parents have come to terms with it as much as possible, after he was declared brain dead yesterday. The doctors have now said that they are not permitted to turn off the life support due to him being 25. Has anyone any idea of this, or is this more under-hand, as the NHS is being sued for negligence over the whole case?
A: I’ve never heard of an age limit before – they have to be sure that there is no reasonable chance of recovery but age is not a factor, after all they have turned off life support for brain dead children so if I were you i’d seek professional advice about this.
How can I send a letter for a decision on medical life support?
Q: My friend’s husband lives far away from me and I only know his address. He has no idea she’s in critical condition. He is the deciding factor to letting her stay on life support. What is the letter called that the hospital will send out to him letting him know of the situation or how would I go about writing one?
A: If you have his address the hospital administrators can get to him faster than a letter. Give them the info asap. You have no legal right to be involved in the communication. Good luck
How does a person die when life support is removed?
Q: Does the person suffocate b/c a ventilater is not going? What kills the person when life support is removed?
A: I think it’s the heart; it cannot function without the support so the person just quietly goes into a coma and dies.
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