What is oxycodene

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Oxycodone is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to morphine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-oxycodene ]
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Can u snort oxycodene?
It depends what type of oxycodone they were. For example Oxycontin and Roxicet have time release and are relatively small so yea they would be ok to snort. Percocet and certain newer Oxycontin are a waste to sniff. Dissolve the pill in some…
Is oxycodene a narcotic?
Yeah, it’s a great narcotic… don’t worry about your drug test. You had a prescription, and it’ll be out of your system by then.
Does Oxycodene damage the baby?
Chances are it probably wont, many people do things their not supposed to do in the first few weeks of pregnancy simply because they don’t know their pregnant and didn’t try to get pregnant. Some people drink, ride rollercoasters, continue …

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Q: i have a pilininal cyst and its the most horrible pain besides having my son, my doctor gave me oxycodene but ive read alot and heard that it is addictive im not prone to addiction but i heard my body can go through withdrawl an this scares me any info??oxycodone*Pilonidal*
A: Oxycodone is just a very effective pain killer.Don’t be scared to take medicine your doctor has prescribed for you. Chronic pain itself can actually be very bad for your body: because your body produces stress hormones which can hinder the body’s healing process.In our society we have a large dichotomy, on one hand we have a strong % culture” of street users. But on the other hand many people who *should* legitimatly use a for a medical purpose are scared to because of the other part of the population.There is a word used in the medical community: Opiophobic. It means “fear of narcotics”, but in general use it is more like “disaproval of painkillers even when appropriate”. There is a lot of back and forth discussion with physicians of risk versus benefit of narcotics (including oxycodone). Many fear that the medicine is not being prescribed when it is needed because of a cultural association with recreational use.I would take the medicine your doctor prescribes. Exactly as prescribed. No less – No more. If you find yourself getting irratable between or before your dose, and wanting to take it early. Talk to your doctor. Either your pain is not being managed effectivly, or you are getting dependant. Either case requires your physicians assistance.
Is oxycodene suppose to give you a buzz or something?
Q: It’s a dumb question but I have a prescription for it and just saw house(tv) writing them for himself to get high but I personally don’t notice anything xcept sleepiness…
A: if im correct oxycodene is like Oxycontin. i might be way off though. but oxycotin is alot like heroin exept a shit load more expensive. so oxycodene is probably somewhat like cotin and then also heroin. so fuck yes it will give you a buzz haha youd have to take more than one though most likely but if i were you id be fucked up consantly but then again i kinda have a problem. also house doesnt take oxys he takes vicodin haha
Does taking 2 5mg Oxycodene pills get you addicted?
Q: It was prescribed to my mother because she was having great pain in her knee. She seems to be better now and doesn’t take the pill anymore. She has some left. I just wanted to feel the feeling of it. I’ve never smoked or drank or got high in my entire life. I just wanted to try out oxycodene. Will two 5mg pills get me addicted, I don’t want to be addicted.
A: This one is highly addictive and only to be used by theperson it was prescribed to.Your mother needed it because she was in great painand she is smart to stop using it when she didn’t needit any longer. (Just wished she was even smarter and hadflushed the rest down the toilet)If you can’t resist the temptation take that pill bottle andask your mother to get rid of it because you are afraid thatit would get in the hands of your younger siblings, or friends.I am sure she will get the hint.I don’t know how old you are but I can guarantee you thatif you end up in the ER getting your stomach pumped yourmother is going to be held responsible…Drug use always starts out “innocent”.It is that one pill you took to find out how it feels …that one drag of a cigarette that your best friend offeredP.S. Taking a pain killer when you have no pain ispretty stupid. Most likely it will make you sick to your stomachand you will end up throwing up.
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