What is synovial fluid

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It is a clear, sticky fluid that is released by the synovial membrane and acts as a lubricant for joints and tendons [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-synovial-fluid ]
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Synovial fluid is a thick, stringy fluid found in the cavities of synovial joints . With its egg-like consistency (“synovial” partially derives from ovum , Latin for egg ), synovial fluid reduces friction between the articular car…
Synovial fluid is a thick, stringy fluid found in the cavities of synovial joints.
Synovial fluid is a fluid-like material that is present in many of the joints of the body. It serves the purpose of lubricating and nourishing certain parts of the joint. The joints in which synovial fluid is present are known as synovial j…

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I have a synovial fluid bubble trapped between my wrist joints?
Q: It’s basically a protruding bubble between my wrist joints that feels hard but my doctor told me years ago that it’s a bubble where synovial fluid has been trapped. It does goes up and done when it chooses but it’s annoying and looks odd. What do you call this and is it rare or common?
A: This condition is called a ganglion cyst. They are very common. More info at the link:
How can i make my joints stop popping? Is there a way to help production of synovial fluid?
Q: I’ve been reading that synovial fluid is the fluid that “greases” the joints. But all my joints are popping like there isn’t enough “grease”. If u exercise joints will it produce more fluids? Is there supplements to help such as omega 3? thanks
Masturbation causes synovial fluid to be reduced?
Q: My Biology teacher told us that masturbation will cause the synovial fluid from the knee cap to be reduced. I was wondering is this true?I have a friend, he masturbated a lot and his knee cap is feeling pain now, are they related?Thank you in advance.
A: No connection at all! It causes seminal fluid (semen) to be produced, but nothing gets reduced and it has nothing to do with your kneecap. Your teacher is either insane, dim or a bad joker.
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