What is the alcohol content of "Beer 30 Light" and "Beer 30 Ice"

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Beer 30 Ice is 5.9 percent ABV, and Beer 30 Light is 3.8 percent ABV. They are brewed by Melanie Brewing Co. in La Crosse, Wisconsin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-alcohol-content-of-%22beer-30-light%22-and-%22beer-30-ice%22 ]
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The alcohol content depends on the kind of wine you select. Typically white wines have an alcohol content of about 12%; most reds are 12.5-14%; Estates: 14%, and dessert wines can range from: 15-18%. The percentage may increase if you perso…
Each beer style has a specific alcohol range that it’s required to maintain in order to be described as that style. You see barley wines at 16 percent. Dogfish Brewing makes a 120 Minute IPA that is 20 percent. Most American beers hover aro…
The alcohol level in our wines range from 11% to 14.5% and 17% for Ice Wine

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What is the relative alcohol content compared to others?
Q: I know smirnoff ice is an alcohol content of 5.5%What is the comparitive content to other alcoholic drinks.Thank you, and if all your going to say is “your underage” or some other bull, just dont answer. Im actually curious. Thank you
A: Almost all wines/wine coolers (Including froofy mixed drink coolers, like smirnoff ice)/beers are going to be betwen 4.5% and 6.5% alcohol, and it goes up from there. Generally speaking, the majority of liquors are going to be between 35% and 45% alcohol, and most liqueurs are a bit less than that. There are several high-proof alcohols readily available as well, such as Bacardi 151. You’re going to have to be more specific if you want more specific answers regarding certain types of drinks.
What is the recommended alcohol content for drinking wine for health benefits?
Q: I know wine is good for your health. But what is the right alcohol content?
A: one 12 percent 8 oz’ glass of wine per day
How much alcohol content in american beer to guatemalan beer?
Q: If you drink heinken how much alcohol content is in that and how much is a famosa beer from guatemala because i am having problems with my husband to be to stop drinkin because he isnt feeling nothing after 5 heikens!!! help me!
A: They are both around the same alcohol by volume, 5% abv. Maybe you can convince him to try some better beer? Go to the store & seek out some new beers. Some styles of craft beer have higher alcohol content (some average around the 9-10% abv mark). He should try some new styles of beer and learn to appreciate better beer for its good taste…you only need to sip on a couple of great-tasting, higher alcohol beers over the course of a night instead of pounding a bunch of cheaply-made, bland, watery beers.
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