What is the average cost for ACL surgery

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The average cost for surgical repair of an ACL tear is approximately $11,500. Call 1-800-2CHACHA for unlimited use. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-cost-for-acl-surgery ]
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What is the Average Cost of ACL Surgery?
The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) connects the femur to the tibia in each knee. The injury results in either a partial or complete tear of the ligament, and is common among athletes. Women seem…

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what is the average cost for acl surgery in massachusetts?
A: Call a doctor’s office and find out.
(SPORTS INJURY?) How much does an ACL reconstruction surgery cost typically WITHOUT INSURANCE?
Q: As said above, does anyone know a price range for this surgery providing that the patient does not have any sort of insurance? Also, anyone who has had this surgery: about how long is the surgery, how long is the average rehabilitation time, and did you find it hard to do all the things (strenuous exercise, contact sports, etc) after you had the surgery?ORhas anyone ever torn their ACL and did not have surgery yet they’re able to do everything like normal?not the MCL but the ACL that is torn. everything else is fine. also how much is the overall cost of REHAB?
A: Your looking at the $20,000 dollar range for surgery like that. Could vary some depending on if the meniscus is torn and so on. Figure $8,000 to the doctor for the actual surgery, $2000-$3000 for anesthesia, about $1,000 for an MRI, about $4,000 charge from the hospital, and over $1,000 for rehabilitation.Not cheap by any means and if you have a full meniscus tear, it’s probably even more expensive than that.I’m basing that off what my dad’s bill for MCL surgery was.
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