What is the average height for a 9-10 year old

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The average height for a 9 to 10 year old is between 47 and 48 inches tall based on average weight of 61 to 64 pounds. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-height-for-a-9%26%2345%3B10-year-old ]
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What is the average weight for a 9-year-old?
Average weight for a 9-year-old ・ I have 3 children and the average weight for them, when they were 9 years old, was around 60 pounds. … ・ I have a 9-year-old who is 4’11 ” and weighs 42kgs. ・ There is no ‘average’ weight for a 9-…
What’s the average height of a 10-year-old?
I am 10. I learnt in school that most 10 year olds are 4’6 – 4’7. I am 5’1, but the tallest person in my class [who is 10] is 5’9! So heights vary.. ALOT! it is 5 foot or 4 8 dont worry if ur tall and yh pepol make fun of me but they love m…
What is the Average height for 8 year old?
At least 6 feet, at least that’s how tall i was when i was eight

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What size bass guitar should I get for my eight year old son?
Q: My son handled the guitar at school well (got 9/10) during the brief test they had and was accepted to learn the bass guitar. The lady that organises the band said I should purchase a full sized one for him. I have ordered one on ebay (but haven’t paid for it yet), and I am wondering wether a full sized one is too big for him. Does anybody know of any 8 year olds that have successfully learnt how to play a full sized bass guitar? He is of average height, slight weight.
A: As a teacher and studio musician, i have seen all kinds and taught all kinds. The size is irrelevant because he will grow with the instrument and adjust accordingly.When he got accepted, I imagine he played the instrument yes ? Their is no problem to learn on a full size bass. Now, if you were buying a double bass, than I would say NO.Just make sure you are getting your money worth. Usually, e-bay have good deals.
Am I Average Height For My Age and Did I Grow More Than Average?
Q: I’m 15 and I’m 5’9. Is that average?Also, my family and people thought there was something wrong with me before because I was always the shortest person in my class and when I was 8 I had 4 and 5 year old cousins that were taller than me.Since I was 13 I grew 9-10 Inches. Is that normal?Listen I’m not trying to brag about how much I grew… I’m just curious.Considering I measure up to most guys in my school I can’t be that short. Plus I have about 22 months until I’m at the end of 16. So that gives me lots of time to grow more.
A: Yeah you did.. you can grow more. You can doing some exercise(sport) that will help you grow more such as swimming, basketball, etc. and you can try to taking HGH supplement daily. HGH supplement will help your body get enough nutrition. i already try it, and now i get 2 inches more. yeah, i get 2 inches more with taking HGH supplement. actually, hgh supplement lil bit expensive, so you can tell about it, about your desire to your parent, maybe they will help you. i did it, and they help me. I wish my answer will help you. good luck!
whats the average weight and height?
Q: for 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 year olds? haha sorry im looking over my years.
A: You know, I can’t say exactly, because height is determined purely by genetics and especially at the younger ages, there is a really wide range. I’d suggest looking up a height chart for your height and weight (you can find them on any search engine), and seeing if you’re in the normal category. Hope I helped!
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