What is the best chap stick to use

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I like to use ChapStick(r) 100% Naturals. They soften your lips and seal in moisture with 100% natural ingredients! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-chap-stick-to-use ]
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What is the best chap stick to use?
Go to GNC or your local natural food store and get Un-Petroleum, it’s usually at the checkout counter. Awesome stuff, I apply it in the a.m. and then after brushing my teeth at bedtime. My lips feel hydrated and plump all the time. (Stuff l…
What is the best kind of Chap stick to use in the south east??
SHITSTICK,tastes like *** and holds in moisture
Is lip smackers a good brand of chapstick?
It is an okay brand, but you should use either chap-stick brand the medicated kind, carmex, or DCT. They all really work good.

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What is the best chap stick/lip gloss to use before and after you get your braces?
Q: I am getting braces on feb. 10th and heard you need lots of chap stick.
A: After you get braces your mouth will be very dry. Carmex in the yellow tube worked best for me.
What is the best kind of Chap stick to use in the south east?
A: SHITSTICK,tastes like ass and holds in moisture
What can I use besides vaseline and chap stick for chapped lips?
Q: My lips are always chapped and dry. I use chap stick and vaseline, but nothing really works. Got any tips or tricks?
A: Blistex is my fave. It leaves your lips soft, smooth, and heals them almost instantly. It never stings, and something about it makes your lips feel cool once you put it on, unlike chapstick, which makes your lips hot and sticky. You can barely tell you’re wearing it. And the best part? At wal-mart it’s under $1.00!My other fave is rose salve. They have is at bath and body works. It’s not only great for your lips, but you can use it to heal dry skin and get rid of zits too!! You can look it up online. It’s wonderful. It’s about 5.00 but trust me, it’s worth it!!!
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