What is the best fat loss cardio exercise

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Interval cardio, alternating brief periods of high intensity with periods of low intensity, is the best exercise for fat loss. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-fat-loss-cardio-exercise ]
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What is the best fat loss cardio exercise
Interval cardio, alternating brief periods of high intensity with periods of low intensity, is the best exercise for fat loss.
What Type of Exercise is Best For Fat Loss? Cardio Or Weight Trai…?
Endomorphs will need to do more cardio to see significant fat loss. The minimum would be three times per week but some may require up to five or six sessions per week for best results. … In fact, intense weight training with short rest …
What will help increase fat loss during cardio exercises such as …?
Drink green tea extract about 45 minutes before you run. You’ll sweat A LOT more. Eat a small snack also about 45 minutes before you run and eat carbs after your workout. Healthy carbs only such as a cup of oatmeal. fiziktedavi April 2nd, 2…

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Do you think cardio exercise is counterproductive to fat loss?
Q: The body needs muscle to burn off fat. When you do cardio you strip away the muscle that muscle to burn away that fat more efficiently. Also, is it possible for a 200 pound man to have a 6 pack and a 150 pound man to not have 6 pack abs?
A: You are 100% incorrect.Cardio is the only way to burn excess fat and water from the body. Weight lifting does nothing to burn fat that is in the body. Muscle does require the body to take in (burn) more calories over the period of the day to function. But, it has no bearing on fat already stored in the body.CARDIO is the only way to burn off excess body fat.
Prolonged cardio-vascular exercise and fat loss question?
Q: Here’s a question for all you sports scientists. If you’re engaging in a long period of CV exercise, e.g. > 1hr, will the body burn fat during the workout or is it only once you stop. Is it more likely to burn muscle during this time. Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent article outlining which substrates the body’s using as fuel at what points during the exercise?
A: Moderation is the Key!If you really wanna be realistic then you can lose 4-5 lbs a week. Losing 30lbs should take roughly 6weeks. Simply lower your eating intake by 1/3 and eat as soon as you get hungry. This will increase your body’s metabolism and help to burn that excess energy instead of storing it as fat. (Most importantly avoid light snacks in-between meals as this will increase your food intake without you even realising it).Also some exercises, nothing too drastic. Just 20 sit-ups in the morning, 20 sit-ups at night before bed. 10 push-ups morning and night and some extended brisk walks up-to 30minutes a day (a slightly hilly terrain is ideal), and a 15min jog only once a week. (and increase the number of walks/sit-ups etc as you get used to them).Follow this regime and your 30 lbs should drop within 6 weeks. And the best thing of all you really don’t have to drastically change your diet or even exert yourself during exercise. And can actually be enjoyable. With this method, your not actually dieting, it;’s more of a lifestyle change.P.S. Walking on hilly terrain, at steep angles is great, probably the best from of buttock exercise, they get real firm!And Drink plenty of water – preferably 5litres on average, this will help replenish your body, rehydrate your skin – it will have a healthy glow and also give you a more accurate reading of your weight when you weigh yourself as the initial weight loss is due to a lack of water retention.If you don’t eat breakfast, your metabolism doesn’t get started until you DO eat. You body goes into ‘fat storing mode’, just in case it doesn’t get fed again for a long time. Its a defence/survival mechanism. Can I suggest that you have a good breakfast before anything else. Don’t plan your day around food and eat when you’re hungry and not fanciful. Stop eating when your tummy feels full. If you chew slowly the brain tells you are full a lot quicker.
What will help increase fat loss during cardio exercises such as running?
Q: what will help burn more fatLike Jogging, or sprintingwhen is your body at its peak to burn fat.. like in the morning or nightwhat should you eat before you run?what should you eat after?etc…
A: Carry a couple of weights when walking or running but either way push yourself a little harder each time,,,you must get heart rate up to burn fat…I have a banana before work out…After I just like to have drink of water or a sports drink to replace electrolytes lost…
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