What is the best home remedy for a dogs ear infection

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Wipe out her ears once a week with virgin coconut oil! It has been proven to cure a dog’s ear infection! Thanks for using ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-home-remedy-for-a-dogs-ear-infection ]
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Are there any good home remedies for ear infections on dogs??
Well, I don’t know about the infection itself, but my lab gets ear infections caused from allergies (and yeast infections!). We give her plain yogurt every night, and just your common benadryll, and it seems to help her a lot. A warning on …
Which of these natural remedies works best to cure a dog’s ear in…?
I have a Lab that has had 4 years of year problems and like you I have gone with all the vet prescribed meds. After trying and trying I have found an ear cleaner made by Ark Naturals and it has all natural ingredients like clove. It works i…

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whats the best home remedy for an ear infection for a dog?
Q: My dogs ears stink really bad. I know he has an ear infection. Whats the best home remedy for them?
A: Untreated ear infections can lead to deafness and severe pain. If you know your pup has an ear infection, then a visit to the vet tomorrow AM is in order.
What home remedy can I use to treat my dogs ear infection?
Q: I have a yellow lab that has a small ear infection. While I am more than willing to go to the vet, is there any cheap over the counter remedy that I can use to treat, obviously if it does not improve then would take to the vet, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
A: You really need to go to a vet straight up. If there is a yeast or bacterial infection, the dog really needs medicated (antibiotic/antifungal) ear drops to clear it up. The other thing with ear infections is that it’s important to check that a/ there is nothing down the ear that has triggered the infection (e.g. a grass seed) and that the ear drum is not damaged in anyway. If there’s something down the ear, then the infection’s not going to go away regardless of what it is treated with. If the ear drum is damaged, you have to be very, very careful about anything that is put in the ear- some products, even veterinary ear drops, can lead to problems such as deafness if they are put down the ear canal and are able to pass through into the middle/inner ear.
Simple home remedy for yeast infection in dogs ear?
Q: My dog has had 3 ear yeast infections in 2 years. The first time she had it we took her to the vet and payed 80 bucks for drops. She didn’t like those so much. >.> The second time she got an infection it lasted several months before going away on it’s own. Now she has another one and I can’t afford to take her to the vet again. Is there some simple home remedy that I could possibly spray in her ears? I’ve heard about using alcohol and vinager(sp?) but I don’t know what the exact measurments are. >.< I’d rather it be something I could spray in her ears since she dosen’t like people messing with them too much.
A: I truly believe I have tried every product/home remedy on one of my dogs who suffered from yeast infections in her ears. None worked. What did work was changing her diet. Look for a grain-free food, or one without corn, wheat, and rice. Wellness Super 5 Mix, (formerly fish & sweet potato,) is what I use for her, and she never has yeast infections any more. (Except when she breaks into the chicken/cat/guinea pig/rat/human food :-)Good luck.
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