What is the best medicine for an ear infection

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Most acute middle ear infections clear up within 3 days without any treatment. But Ibuprofen is recommended for the pain! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-medicine-for-an-ear-infection ]
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What is the best OTC medicine or homeopathic remedy for a serious…?
You can check with the pharmacy to see if they have any products containing Pseudoephedrine over the counter. This is usually the only thing that works for me, just don’t cook meth with it please. I also take Benadryl, but only at night bec…
Is it good that my ear infection hurts now that I have medicine??
Your inner ear is inflamed because your immune system is now targeting the infection. It would have happened sooner or later. I think it’s just a coincidence, however I’d check with the doctor again about it if it’s really painful.
Does an ear infection get better on it’s own, or do you need to u…?
My sister had tons of ear infections as a child and I had 1. We NEVER went to the doctor. Going to the doctor for every little thing is a new idea. My sister never had any complications from her infections and they always cleared up on thei…

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How do i help relieve an infant ear infection when medicine does not work?
Q: I have a 2 month old baby boy, and I have taken him in to the doctor for an ear infection. It was no our regular doctor and he prescribed us some amoxacilin to help with the pain but it has not really helped. Me and my husband are at the end of our rope can any one help me?
A: If it is a true ear infection, the amoxicillin should help relieve the pain in about 2 days. Certainly a pain reliever like tylenol can help. There are also prescription ear drops that can help the pain. Some people like to use a warm compress over the ear and report this to help. Certainly, if your son is not better within 2 days of starting the antibiotic, or if you think he is worse even before this, you should have him seen again. Good luck, hope he gets better soon:)
Is there a way to stop an ear infection early without medicine?
Q: I seem to be prone to ear infections in my left ear and I’m starting to show early symptoms. I’d really rather not pay for a doctor’s visit. Taking anti-biotics gives me trouble in other parts of my body, and I can’t even be certain it really is an ear infection yet.Is there some supplement that can help me head this off at the pass? All ideas are welcome including stupid old wives tales about burying pennies and such. Knowing what an ear infection feels like, I’ll try just about anything.Thank you.
A: I think geranium is used for ears…. If you have it… take a leaf.. rub it.. and put it in your ear… Or wet a piece of cotton wool with warm camphoroil and put it to your ear… tie a scarf around your head to keep warmth.
Would taking ear infection medicine increase my dog’s thirst?
Q: She is 3 years old and had an injection last week and getting medicine in ear every day. I only noticed her increased thirst since the ear infection. Does anyone know if this would increase her thirst? Otherwise, I’ll need to get her tested for diabetes. Thanks for your answers.
A: I’m guessing that the injection that she received was a long acting steroid to help combat the inflammation in her ears. Steroids can cause an increase in thirst/drinking/urination.Just to be safe, give your vet a call in the morning to confirm!
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