What is the best medicine for cough and congestion

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Tamiflu is the best medicine for cough and congestion. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-medicine-for-cough-and-congestion ]
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What is the best OTC medicine to cure chest congestion, a cough, …?
This sounds like a mild cold, and for this the only cure is time… Having said that, here are some medications that might help *** *** Please check with your physician to ensure these medications are right for you, and are compatible with …

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What is the best cold medicine (nasal congestion, cough, sinus pressure and headache?
A: nitequill/day or night they both work great.
What’s the best cough medicine for chest congestion?
A: Robitussin
How can I get rid of this cough and congestion without wasting money on over the counter medicine?
Q: It started out as a stuffed up, then runny nose 4 days ago on friday. Saturday, I felt better, but then later in the day, I felt worse. For the past 2 nights, I’ve been coughing up a lot of phlegm and haven’t been able to sleep due to the congestion making me wheeze at night. Are there any natural remedies I can do, instead of paying for some cough medicine that won’t work?
A: First, I would make sure you are getting enough vitamin C! It’s a natural immunity booster and can do wonders to assist your body in ridding itself of whatever germ you have.Second, make sure you ‘spitting out’ the phlegm. It’s a great thing your body is doing that, as that is a sign it’s breaking up and you’re getting better.I would sit in the bathroom, or take a hot shower and inhale the steam…this will clear up your sinuses and your can then blow your nose or whatever.It’s better to just let the course of the germ take it’s route…medicine just masks the symptoms…you’re doing the right thing NOT to buy medicine!
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