What is the best way to crack a back

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Sit on a chair and place both hands on either side of chair gently gripping the end. Slowly slide down the chair so that your MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-crack-a-back ]
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What is the best way to crack your back?
Try this ways for a good deep crack around the lower back area, works well with a partner: Lay on your side on the floor with your knees tucked up like you’re sitting on a chair. Let your top leg get slightly higher so your knees are stagge…
What is the best way to have some crack my back??
The best way is to visit the chiropractor. Find one that doesn’t twist a pull, but uses a little device that he runs down your back and vibrates your spine into place. It works great! The first time I went to see the chiropractor and he use…
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What’s the best way to crack your back at home?
Q: Mine’s wound up like a spring right now and it’s really REALLY tight. I’m definately not getting to a chiropractor anytime soon. Any suggestions on getting this back to crack?
A: you do not want to crack your back yourself that is for the chiropractor. what you can do is stretch your back and if it needs to it will crack.Lay on the floor and bend your knees , bring your knees to your chest and then to the right. turn your torso to the left. then switch sides bring your knees the the left and torso to the right.
What is the BEST way to crack your LOW lower back?
Q: the lowest part of my back is in TERRIBLE pain, my god I feel like if I bent over completely backwards and broke my back it would almost make it feel better.. It needs to be cracked but twisting to my side isnt doing it. And I dont want someone to step on my back, any other way?I know when someone is behind you and sort of squeezes, but that just cracks my upper back.Thanks!
A: This is my favorite way to crak my back. Lay on the floor or the bed. i prefer the floor and it is like a steach. You put your right leg straight then take your left over your right. keep your upper body face up, but have your hips turned. i used my hand to push my hip.
What’s the best way to crack a back?
Q: My back is pretty stiff. I’ve asked my fiance if she can crack it, but she doesn’t know how. What is the best way to crack a back? Provide and illustrations if you can.
A: If Your Girlfriend is not too Heavy, and You don’t want to spend $100’s on a Chiropractor, maybe You could get Her to Walk up and down your back, Lengthwise, keeping your Spine in the middle, with her standing next to an Open door, so she can pull herself up, and not place all the Weight on You at Once .
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