What is the best way to treat a jammed finger

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Other than icing and elevating the injury soon after you hurt yourself, the only treatment, for a non-break, is time. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-treat-a-jammed-finger ]
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When you jam your finger what is the best way to treat it??
First you want to ice and elevate your finger. Ice for about 15 minutes, and then remove the ice until it returns to normal temp. Reapply until the swelling subsides. If the swelling has already subsided, you can try moving the finger. If i…
What is the best way to wrap your jammed finger?
Use medical tape and wrap the jammed one and the finger next to it, which for you would be your ring finger. I’ve jammed so many toes and fingers! You can use pre-wrap before the medical tape, which is slightly more comfortable and safe for…
What is the best way to quickly heal a jammed finger??
well idk really just attempt to pull it off! and quit jammimng iit on everything. where a flippin cast or something if ur leaving ur house! and maybee just suck it up and get ur finger amputated! okay

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what is the best way to treat a jammed finger?
Q: because mine hurts
A: Ive jammed mine before. ALthough it pained me to move it, I found that putting icyHot on it helped relax the swollen muscles in my finger. Also ice which you probably are already using and just little movements (if you can make any) with your finger. I had to tape mine for two weeks. Afterwards I was fine.
How Do You Treat a Jammed Infected Finger?
Q: I recently jammed the tip of my pinkie finger and it hurts really bad, my mom said it looks infected, how do I treat this?
A: It is hard to jam just the tip of your finger. Was it jammed or whacked/bumped? Is there an open cut? If there is, put OTC antibiotic cream and ice it. Just because it is red doesn’t mean it is infected, just means it was bumped hard. If it is swollen ice it if it doesn’t get better in a couple days see a doctor.
How do I treat a Jammed finger??
Q: I jammed my finger by blocking a kid trying to catch one of my teamates with the football at school today and that was around 2:40 and I havent done anything for it yet and it is swelled but hasnt changed colors but I dont know what I should do to treat it
A: There’s nothing much you can do. Make sure it isn’t dislocated, which should be fairly obvious. Make sure you ice it down as much as you can, to reduce swelling. Heat will make it worse. You can also compress it by wrapping it, this will reduce the swelling, as well as lessen it’s movement and hasten the healing. Your finger will still be out of action for a week or two at least.
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