What is the fastest way to get over the flu

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Drink as many clear fluids and eat as much fruit as possible, especially fruits high in vitamin C, until you are better. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fastest-way-to-get-over-the-flu ]
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How To Get Over Cold And Flu The Quickest Way??
Prevention is always better than cure. It is essential to get sufficient rest on everyday basis. Insufficient sleep depresses the immune system, causing a significant drop in the number of cells whose job is to kill invaders. Slightly befor…

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What is the fastest way to get over the flu/cold?
Q: I hate being sick, my throat is soar, I have a massive headache that i can feel in my eyes and teeth, can’t breathe, and I’m coughing up hoards of mucus… Please don’t tell me I should have taken some airbourne, its already too late for that 🙁
A: sleep is the main answerfollowed by all the nutrients you can getand medicinefeel better! 😉 ♥
what is the fastest way to get over a flu?
Q: i already have it and i feel BAD!
A: Eat some chicken soup, a LOT of fluids to clean out your system, I also think so orange juice would be good since it has Vit. C in it to fight bacteria. Rest, rest, rest…this is a good chance to take a day off. Take you medicine! Use cough suppressants and expectorants to treat the cough. Steam inhalations may be useful in opening up a blocked nose and thus make breathing easier. Try boiling water and then take a towel and put it over your head and your head over the boiling pot. Do Not Touch anything accidental, it may burn. If you feel you can’t take the heat, then do take breaks. for complete details visit my source. Stay away from other infected people, also do not touch any other instruments where virus and bacteria might be present. Such as telephones, doors, faucets etc.
What is the best way to get over the flu faster?
Q: A classmate had the flu on Tuesday and I guessed passed it on to me. On Thursday I started feeling warm and I got a fever. Plus, my throat had flem. By Friday my nose was completely congested and it was hard to breath. I have a job interview on Tuesday, and need to get better right away. I have been eating nothing but soup and fluids.
A: Flu is flu and will run it’s course.Keep warm, take copious fluids, light nourishing food, spoil yourself. Soup and fluids fine, if you still feel dreadful on Monday afternoon I should ring up and explain, they can either defer your interview or be prepared to see you and make allowances. I am sure they will appreciate you calling rather than not turn up or turn up streaming and sneezing without giving them a choice.
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