What is the fear of car washes

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There is a whole list of words for phobias but none is for fear of car washes. Amaxophobia is a fear of riding in a car. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-car-washes ]
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What is the fear of car washes
There is a whole list of words for phobias but none is for fear of car washes. Amaxophobia is a fear of riding in a car. ChaCha!

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Fear/phobia of car washes?
Q: My girlfriend had a panic attack in the car wash today as the brushes came down, is there a name for this ridiculous behaviour?
A: There isnt an exact name for it (like [something] – phobia) . I was afraid of car washes when I was little lolTo get rid of the phobia just go through the car wash a couple of more times. Use her money lol JK…but exposure helps. It won’t kill her…
My 17 month old son has a fear of the car wash, the vacuum and few other loud things-is this normal?
Q: What’s the best way to help him with this?
A: VERY NORMAL!!! Our son went through stages when he was and wasn’t afraid of those noises. He’ll get past it. Just keep doing these things, and make it fun. You can say, let’s see how loud it’s going to be THIS time!! WOW, that’s not as loud as it was LAST time! Hold his hand when you are in the car wash, and watch it go by together.
What can I use (or where can I go) to wash my car w/o getting clear coat “swirlies”?
Q: I have a new car and dreadfully fear the clear coat swirlies so many people have from improperly washing their cars. I normally just go to the touchless car wash but my car is dirty enough that it needs something more. What can I use to wash it myself that won’t leave the swirls or Where can I go that will actually clean the car and not leave swirls?
A: Ok ! If you want to wash it yourself use a really soft wash mit usually found at Walmart, do not use dish soap, or any soap that claims to say wash and wax, use a detergent free carwash soap also found at Wallmart, always wet your car first starting from the bottom up, then wash your car from the top down, preferably using a seperate bucket to rinse your mit, never go from the bottom up when washing, the dirt from your car will act as sand paper and cause the swirls you are talking about and always use a semi soft bristle brush and a seprate bucket to clean your wheels and tires. To dry your car use a leather chamois, never bath towles as they too will cause the swirls you see. If you can find it (usually at a computer store) buy you a couple of cans of air to bloe the water out of the mouldings on your car, also always start drying your windows, then your hood, top, trunk, chrome and so on. This is just the basics but it should get you started or just take it to a professinal detailer.
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