What is the fear of close relationships called

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Fear of relatives is called syngenesophobia. Philophobia is the fear of love, the symptoms of which are nausea and sweating. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-close-relationships-called ]
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What is the fear of close relationships called
Fear of relatives is called syngenesophobia. Philophobia is the fear of love, the symptoms of which are nausea and sweating.
Does anyone else fear getting married, or fear having a close rel…?
I’m a white male and my girlfriend is asian. We have less to fear about marriage than most people in our american society because the divorce rate of WM/AF is half as much as WM/WF (in usa. Japanese/white that is. KoreanWhite is most like…

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what is fear of forming relationships called ?
Q: I have heard that people who have been betrayed or let down by someone close , especially by one of the parent during their childhood have a fear of forming relationships in life . I want to know if this phobia has a name in terms of psychology simple stated how would psychiatrists diagnose this phobia ( what would they call it)?
A: http://www.phobialist.com/reverse.html
What is the Medical term when one person can feel what the other feels?
Q: There is a medical term (Name) when a husband and wife or any close relationship, can feel what the other is feeling??? I know there is a term but I don’t know what it is called…. My sister lives in one state and her husband in another, when she is cold, he is, when he is sick, she is, when one has fears the other feels it…. It’s an intense connection they have … does anyone know the name of it?
A: paulred2 is correct. They are highly empathetic with each other. Best Wishes to You.
Could I have problems with relationships and sex because of my childhood
Q: Virtually my whole childhood and into my late teens, I lived with my mom and aunt. My aunt was severely paranoid and insane and refused to take medication for it or continue therapy. She stayed in the house 24 hours a day at least 6 out of 7 days a week. As a child, I was sick a lot and she watched me. She would sit me down (and my cousin who was my age when she was over at our house) for hours and tell me/us the world was out to get us. It hasn’t changed much over the years. She used to hit me and hurt me a lot. She’d hit me with things like pillows and boxes so if I told, it’d sound ridiculous. For many years she’d called me evil, devil, imp and even spawn of Satan. She’d tell me that I never loved her and that when I was child, I would sit and glare at her with hate in my eyes (but I know I didn’t and it’s even a funny story from when I was little that I asked my mom if my aunt could birth me and be my mommy because I loved her so much). My mom constantly sided with her to keep the peace in the house. I’ll admit I was a handful from ages 4-7 but other ages, I do not think of myself as horrible at any other time. She constantly insulted me and cursed at me. The physical abuse stopped because I got taller than her. Unless I agreed with her (on crazy subjects like the theory that our neighbors took shifts watching us), I was stupid and too young to understand. She’d preach the Bible and then turn around and do what she said was a sin. Now that I’m away from it, I have constant problems with relationships and I feel like I can’t trust anyone. I definately can’t say I love you to anyone. And I constantly wait for people to scream at me if I make a mistake (even something small like handing the wrong money out during monopoly). I would rather have a relationship with a man who wants sex more than emotion because I’m afraid that no one would like me without having something (like sex) to offer. I have this problem with my friends too. I have sex with people like co-workers and cheat on boyfriends I do like because I feel like I’m weak if I have to rely on a person (like a friend or BF) for love/emotion. I don’t trust any of the people I date enough to let myself actually fall in love with them because everyone in my life has mostly left me. I only have my mom and dad as close family members and my dad’s a drug addict and doesn’t know anything about me. The rest of my family doesn’t speak with me. I just have problems all the way around. Could it be because of my aunt? Is there any way to get over these problems/fears? Thanks.
A: If you’d take on a little family counseling, alone, I think you’d find someone in your corner, someone who’d love to hear and advise you.That’s what I did.Please consider enlisting that kind of help.Best wishes.
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