What is the highest milligram Percocet

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10mg is the highest mg that I could find. Be careful with that. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-highest-milligram-percocet ]
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What is the highest mg percocet?
The highest Mg is 20 Mg oxycodine. It is a small round orange pill. It dosn’t have any acetafetamine it it like 10’s or 5’s. But the highest dosage of percocet is just a regular 10/650 also known as Endocet……
How much percocet 10 mg can you use to get high??
For a first time user with no tolerance, a good starting dose would be 15-20mg.
What’s The Highest Mg In Oxycodone?
In oxycodone ir (instant release ) it is 30 mg, now in the er (extended release) better known as oxycontin , is 80 mg. They used to make 160 mg for terminally ill patients and strictly hospital release only. Meaning the patient would have…
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