What medical procedure is the d and c

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D and C is Dilation and Curettage. Go ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-medical-procedure-is-the-d-and-c ]
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Which medical procedure would you rather have: (a) colonoscopy (b…?
If you mean which includes the least discomfort, then having my teeth cleaned would be my choice. However, if I had signs of prostate cancer or was worried about colon polyps, getting a nice teeth cleaning would not do much good. Nor would …

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The medical procedure ,D and C, does a woman ever have to be cut with a laser or anything similar?
Q: someone i know says that she had a d and c and lost her baby. for some reason i do not believe her because she said that they used a laser to cut her open and they made two dashes. i read up on it and nothing said anything about cutting only using a tool to insert into the vagina. i am no expert however i would really like to know.
A: My sister had to have a D&C after she had a baby, and there were no incisions made. What you read about it is more accurate. Perhaps the person you know was confusing it with another procedure or was trying to show off.
The pharmacological modification of painful and frightening experiences during medical procedures such as bron?
Q: The pharmacological modification of painful and frightening experiences during medical procedures such as bronchoscopy defines:A) Deep sedationB) Anesthesia C) Conscious sedationD) Hypnotic sedation
A: Is this for school? Usually conscious sedation is used for bronchoscopy. I am not sure if that is the answer to your question though. The differences between these are the levels of sedation.
Who has had a miscarriage at 20 weeks onwards?
Q: Did it require you to have D&C? What medical procedure did u undergo? Was there a fetus that come?
A: I personally haven’t. I believe from 20 weeks onwards, it is considered a stillbirth as the baby is formed and around the size of your hand. Some would require a D&C, but more often than not, as it was a birth, everything should come right natrually. If the baby died during labour, the mother may have delivered natrually. Otherwise, say if the baby had died and the mother did not go into labour, they would perform a cesarian.
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