What should i do if im crying

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What should i do if im crying? If you’re crying over pain you should consult a doctor. Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-if-im-crying ]
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Can’t understand why im crying?
how can’t you be sensitive? it’s your mom! Maybe your crying because you don’t want your parents to ever think that they’re not the best parents in the world?
Why im i crying so much?
Jen, don’t cry about it. You guys are sibilings and all sibilings do things without the other. All sisters do this to each other. It’s nothing to cry over. I suggest doing things without her too.
How to be pretty im crying please help!
you’re pretty, but you just don’t know it. you are pretty, but you have low self esteem, the only way to look pretty is to boost your self esteem and inner spirit also treat yourself well, give yourself compliments =)

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if im crying does that mean i should say no?
Q: This guy asked me out and today hasnt been the best day of my life my mom keeps lecturing me about relationships making me feel bad about myself and this guy wants to know if i wanna go out with him or not i told him i would think about it and today he wrote back to me and asked me if i wanted too if im crying does that mean i should just say no? i like the guy but i dont think ive gotten to know him too well and my mom doesnt have a b.f and im crying right now because i feel sad i dont know if im crying because deep down i knwo that i would reject him just to save myself the hurt or why am i crying?* my mom doesnt want me to have a boyfrien
A: I think it just means you are an emotional train wreck and probably need to figure yourself out before getting any one else involved… for their sake. and yours.
Im crying my eyes out what should i do if he is using me?
Q: ok so i really really like this guy and he really really likes me then he tells me he loves me. i care about him alot and he cares about me too so like we flirt alot and he asked me if id take nude pics for him and i said yes( i wasnt really going to do it i though he was kidding) then he starts like constenly asking me and asking me like everyday and bothering me and getting mad at me cause i wouldnt take them. and i told him how guys in the past used me that same way and did horrile things to me n he sounded like he understood me then soon after he started asking n asking n asking then we kinda got into something right now and im ignoring him crying my eyes out thinking he understood me and he says how hes sorry ectwhat should i do in the end of the conversation when i start ignoring him he says:u be on tomorrowgosh dont b so silenti miss u so much alreadyi wont let u go over a picplease get on 2morrow 4 mekisses 4 u
A: basically honey, you just have to listen to your heart…i’d say give him one last chance, but let yourself know that it is just one more chance! And tell him that he better “shape up” lol i don’t think he is using you i just think that he is a guy you know? Well anyway hope i helped and best of luck!
how come whenever someone tells me im crying i start to cry?
Q: for example a long long time ago in like 1st grade my dog died and then after the next day someone was like im so sorry ur dog died and then i started to get a little sad but not crying and then someomes like ‘don’t cry its ok’ and thne i started to cry.. whenever i havea reason to cry and someone says why r u crying it makes me even more crying when i wasnt crying in the first place!!
A: You must have at least given the appearance of crying and a stray remark just sets you off.
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