What should i do? My pinky toenails are falling off

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The loss of a toenail, can be largely blamed on two major culprits – fungus and injury. If you haven’t stubbed or injured your toenails, it is likely fungus. If it is fungus, talk with a health care provider about an accurate diagnosis and then treatments. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do%3F-my-pinky-toenails-are-falling-off ]
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Is it normal for your pinky toenail to fall off?
It’s not normal, but it may not be anything to be concerned about either. Keep an eye on it, if it gets red, swollen or oozy then it may be getting infected and you should see a doctor. If it doesn’t start to grow back but otherwise looks n…

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why do my pinky toenails fall off?
Q: a few months ago i lost both of my pinky toenails around the same time and they grew back. now i lost one of them again. why do my pinky toenails fall off? i didnt stub it or anything. thanks.
A: Do you wear tight/pointy shoes? All of those cute, trendy, pointy shoes make my pinky toe nails crack lengthwise and the outer half on both sides fall off. I think it is the shoes because it is only the pinkies (which get squished in that shoe style) and if I stay out of the bad shoes for a while, the toe nails get better.
Pinky toenail falling off?
Q: About a month ago I skinned my toenail. I was riding my scooter. I wasn’t able to stop in time and my pinky toenail was skinned. For weeks after it was fine. Just a little loose. Today I went swimming, and a few hours later I noticed that my toenail could be easily ripped off. My mom told me to clip as much off as I could. I did, but the half of a toenail left on my pinky toe is “ready to fall off” loose. My mom told me it would grow back and that I need to wear a band aid when I sleep, so the nail won’t fall off. The only problem is I think that if I don’t do something I would wait a year for it to grow back, but the nail would still be loose also that it will get infected. What will happen to my pinky toenail?Should I follow my mom’s advice?How long will it take for my pinky toenail to grow back?Should I clean it?If I do clean it, how often?How would I clean it?How to know if it gets infected?Will I lose my toenail before it grows back?What should I do if it starts to hurt?Should I wear the band aid when I sleep?PS- I’m 12 if that makes a difference.
A: It’s really not a big deal to lose a nail. Two years ago, I smashed my finger in a car door.. It took a couple of weeks for my nail to actually fall off. After that it looked really strange to not have a nail, but it wasn’t painful or anything like that. My nail grew back pretty fast too. Aside from a few weird looks I got at work, it didn’t bother me at all. If it looks like it’s going to fall off, it probably will.. but that’s fine. It’ll look a little funny for a while, but it will grow back. It will only take a month or two (probably less since pinky toenails are so small anyway) for a new nail to grow back. The new nail won’t be loose.. it’ll be just like any other regular toenail, so no worries there.There’s really no reason to wear a bandaid, unless you’re having problems with the nail getting caught on stuff and bothering you. For example.. It might get annoying when you sleep if it gets caught on the sheets, so wearing a bandaid or sock might help then. There’s no medical need to wear one, though…so it’s definitely ok if you don’t. You should keep it clean, but you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to do so. Bathing normally should be just fine. You shouldn’t really have any problems with it getting infected either, unless it was cut when you had your accident. If it was getting infected, you’d be able to tell because the area would be red, sensitive to touch and swollen.It shouldn’t really cause you much pain either, unless it gets infected. If it starts to hurt though, just take some type of pain reliever like Tylenol or Advil. If there’s an infection, clean the area with alcohol or Bactine and treat it with Neosporin.I forgot to mention that soaking it will probably help it loosen up and fall off faster. So..you might want to try doing that to see if you can go ahead and get it to come off. If it’s already detached from your nailbed, it’s more than likely not connected to any new growth..so you’re not gonna do any harm by speeding up the process. Totally up to you though!
Should i cut off my toenails that are about to fall?
Q: I was runnig xc and after practice my toes were hurting. i looked today ,about a month later, and my pinky toenails are about to fall off i was wondering if i should just cut them off or if they will get infected if i do?
A: see podiatrist. you might not have them grow back if you cut off / plus infections can be nasty / hurt when you have to wear your dress shoes for business. i’d see the doc.
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