What should you do for constipated toddlers

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Try making sure your child is drinking enough fluids, increase your child’s fiber intake, or try giving your child mineral oil. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-you-do-for-constipated-toddlers ]
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How to Prevent Constipation in Toddlers
When toddlers strain to pass stools, it can cause them pain, make them feel uncomfortable, bloated and miserable. Lack of regular movements can make a toddler feel uncomfortable, bloated and…
What is good for toddlers constipation?
Nothing is worse than a baby that can’t go. 🙁 We offered lots of juice, fruit high in water content, watermelon, cantaloupe, to help keep things moving, but if they go constipated we used prune juice, if that didn’t work, then glycerin sup…
Month 20 Worry: Is My Toddler Constipated?
Also, be aware that masturbation behavior in toddlers, especially toddler girls, can be a sign of chronic constipation. Microscopic leakage of fecal material from an overloaded large intestine into the panties of an earlier-than-average tra…

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is it normal for toddlers to be constipated?
Q: is it normal for my 13 months to be constipated on and off? what should i do to avoid that?
A: plenty of fruits and vegetables and no white bread…pears are a great source of fibre
How to help my constipated toddler?
Q: I need some ideas of what common foods will help her poo easier. I know about prune juice but I was hoping for suggestions of things I might already have in the kitchen.
A: prunes, peaches, oatmeal, pears
What can i give my constipated toddler?
Q: my son is 5 years old and has been out of pullups for 3 weeks. he is a slow learner and finally was able to get the concept of the toilet. since i took the pullup away he didnt have a bowel movement for 6 days so i finally gave him karo syrup and a day later it worked, he went 5 times that day, but now it has been almost a week and he hasnt gone anymore since the karo syrup. he doesnt complain of a belly ache and has been letting gas normally. my only concern is i dont want to depend on karo syrup all the time, so what can i do to help him get back on a normal bowel movement schedule of every 2 days like he previously was? his doctor was not to concerned about it and tried to tell me to quit his toilet training, but that didnt work either. any suggestions?
A: Give foods with LOTS of natural fiber. Go for cucumbers, cantaloupe, hummus is great, chick peas, olive oil, red grapes, apples with the skin, watermelon., prune juice.Trust me, a dinner of hummus with cantaloupe and grapes washed down with some full apple juice (juice made with the skins) and he’ll be in the bathroom tomorrow. This works for my daughter (18 months old)
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