What should you do if you have a big blister on your toe

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Pop it after it turns yellow, but be careful and do it in a sterile environment with a clean needle. Do not peel away the skin until the wound is significantly healed however. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-you-do-if-you-have-a-big-blister-on-your-toe ]
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Should i pop a big blister on my pinkie toe?
it will probably hurt you more to pop it than leave it. I do a good number of things that result in blisters. Poping it will release the fluid, but the top layer of skin will dry and come off, leaving the sensitive layer exposed and open fo…
How do I treat a blister on my big toe?
if it is full of fluid, drain it with a sterile needle. puncture a few holes to fully drain the fluid. Then keep it dry, if you have to use shoes throughout the day, then use nu skin and cover with bandaid. Keep cleaning it, and dry!
I have one blister on each big toe– should I pop it??
Don’t pop them man. 1. I had the same thing on both toes (i like to be barefoot) and the skin from the surrounding area kept going away till it was really red and hurt so bad I had to wear bandages on my toes under two pairs of socks. 2. …

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Runners: Should I pop a blister on my big toe or leave it alone?
Q: I’m training for a marathon, and last week I got a rather sizable blister on my big toe. It’s a little painful but not debilitating. Should I drain the sucker or let it toughen up all on its own?
A: leave it alone.
I have one blister on each big toe– should I pop it?
Q: My big toes have blisters on the sides;; they were already callous’s but I forgot to wear socks to marching band practice one day and they turned into blisters. : |They don’t hurt;; and they’re soft and white but they’re unsightly! I want to wear flip flops before it gets too cold so should I pop it?Mom says no but I need second opinions.And they get bigger after every practice btw.
A: I had something on my toe once and I cut it off with a pair of nail scissors
I need to make a very large blister on my big toe shrink a bit because I have a ball tonight. Any ideas?
Q: Yesterday I wore some shoes that weren’t completly broken in yet, and I had to walk an unexpected 30 minutes in them, so today I’m left with a very large blister on my big toe. The problem is that tonight I have a ball to go to, and I need to wear high heals, and the straps happen to lay across the blister. It is too late now to buy new shoes, so does anyone have an idea on what I should do to make tonight a bit less painful?
A: Don’t pop it! You will be miserable if you are wearing heels over an open sore blister. Instead, get moleskin (it’s like a bandaid but better) and you wont be able feel the blister. Also, moleskin is fleshy coloured so it wont clash with your shoes.
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