What type of pill is AN 627

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Tramadol hydrochloride has the imprint AN 627. It is used for relief of moderate to moderately severe pain (immediate-release); relief of moderate to moderately severe chronic pain for patients who require 24 hour treatment for an extended period of time (ER). [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-type-of-pill-is-%22an-627%22 ]
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See, about the green one…..that is exactly what I was talking about. I do hope the white one helps, don’t know though. I do agree about the treatment with penicillin, but right now it’s all we have. I was hoping to at least hold it off a …
It is the type of the pill you should not use ,get rid of it or just take it to your local pharmacist
It’s a prescription hyrdocodone tablet with acetomenaphine (pain reliever) and something similar to codiene (also a pain reliever an analgesic). Anyway, it’s for moderate to severe pain so I would just take the one and it will probably help…

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Q: I am currently taking my birth control pills at 7:30am everyday, but i am going to start taking a laxative type pill for my IBS every night. Will this method affect my birth control?
A: Taking the laxative at night shouldn’t really affect your birth control (if you take the birth control pill in the morning) as by the evening the pill is definitely absorbed.Just to be certain please enter the name of your laxative and the birth control pill in the link below and you could check for interactions.http://www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.php.
What is the best acai berry pill type?
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A: I am not sure there is a best acai pill to take. What I do know is that nothing will work if you do not exercise while taking the pill. This is the biggest issue people have with the acai berry. They think it is a magic pill and all you have to do is take it and you lose weight. This could not be any further from the truth. One thing to look out for if you are going to order a free trial, make sure that at the bottom of any free trial page there is a copyright with the name of that specific acai berry product. This will help you not getting scammed. If you want to read up more on the acai helth diet go to http://www.acai-health-diet.com.P.S. Also if you go to that free trial on that website, load another page from it and it will pop up a window that will let you get it for $2 off. So I think the total price ends up being 3 bucks. I wish ya luck! =)
How do a I get a “morning after” type pill for my dog?
Q: My dog got out last night and she is in heat. I think she is might possibly be pregnant but do not want to risk it. I have been looking on the web from remedies. So far the best one looks like giving her a half dose of the human mornign after pill.Do you have any thoughts or ideas? We do not want these puppies.
A: I am Pro-choice so let your dog decide and not you. Let them be born and see if your dog wants them. If the dog does not want then, well here are a few more suggestions. Let them be born and then either:- If you have a gas grill, put the in and just turn on the gas. DO NOT LIGHT IT! That would be very cruel. They will just go to sleep.- Use a drill with a wood bit to scramble their brains. it is quick and painless- A friend that lives out in the country uses this one on the cats/kittens that people drop off out in the country. Puts them in a burlap sack with a rock into, ties it shut and then throws it in the river. He says drowning is just like going to sleep.Good luck
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