What would a 500 mg vicodin do to someone

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Vicodin is a very strong narcotic that should only be given as prescribed by a Doctor to avoid overdose. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-a-500-mg-vicodin-do-to-someone ]
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Is 5-325mg of Percocet stronger than 500 mg of Vicodin? Can someo…?
Vicodin is a class 3 narcotic, with hydrocodone. Percocet is a class 2 narcotic with oxycodone, which is a much stronger narcotic derivative. A normal adult dosage of Percocet is 1 of the 5mg/325mg or one 5mg/500mg Vicodin. The percocet in …

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I have a 5 mg / 500 mg vicodin (Hydrocodone) Pill can someone give me a price on it? exact :p?
Q: See i got the pills i just need to know the prices on them it’s 5 mg / 500 mg and i wish to know the prices on them the exact prices not the prices if they’re desperate like are they dollar a pill or 50 cents a pill… Thanks for answering my funky question.. Thanks.
A: *You should know how much you paid for them at your pharmacy. Take the price and divide that by 30 then you will have your answer. If you obtained them illegally and want to resell them, it is called ILLEGAL.
How much would you pay for a 500 mg vicodin?
A: when I went to the pharmacy they cost me like 10 bucks for 30 pills
How many 500 mg vicodin does it take to overdose?
Q: I’m not trying to kill myself. I’m just doing research for a report on vicidon it my health class at school.And I’m talking about someone13-16 and about average heightand weight.
A: It’s not 500mgs of Vicodin, that’s the Tylenol in them. They only come in doses up to 10mgs. Hydrocodone is the name of the narcotic drug that is in Vicodin. It’s a mixture of that and Tylenol. And while someone without a tolerance to these types of medication might feel REALLY F’ed up, the Tylenol would most likely kill you before the Hydrocodone would. It causes serious liver damage.However, if anyone is thinking about doing this seriously, remind them that it’s a very SLOW and PAINFUL death and certainly not worth doing.If you’re really doing a research paper, learn your dosages!
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