What would help me fall asleep

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Get into a comfortable position, loosen any tight clothing. Position yourself comfortably on your back, take deep breaths. cha cha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-help-me-fall-asleep ]
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What can help me fall asleep?
Actually, having the TV on doesn’t help anyways. Having it completely silent and completely dark (unless you are afraid of the dark) helps you fall asleep. Don’t drink caffeine too late in the day. Spicy foods can keep you up too. Don’t cra…
How to Help a Baby Fall Asleep
・ 1 Draw your baby a lukewarm bath, making sure that his/her favorite bath toy has been included. ・ 2 Place the essential oils into the bath , allowing them to scent the water. The bath water will automatically… ・ 3 Smile at your baby and…
What to do to help fall asleep?
Melatonin. It gets your body to a healthy internal clock schedule. It also relaxes your body and influences it to fall asleep when you choose to. Take it 5 mins before you go to bed. It works wonders. Also try hot milk before you go to bed….

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What would cause one to fall asleep while driving?
Q: I start to fall asleep at the wheel while I am driving. Help!
A: This has started happening to me also. Sometimes I think Im actually driving in my sleep (I dont remember any of the trip, Im just there) It is very scary!!!! I wonder if the lines on the road are hypnotising me or what. Have you started any new medication lately? I think that Im getting enough sleep but I noticed that it dosent happen as much if Im just waking from a nap. Its very inconvient but now Im taking 1 hour naps before I have to drive anywhere. I also keep a sleeping bag & pillow in my van. I have pulled over to take short naps on occasion. Please be careful. Its ok to take chances with yourself but think about the other people using the road. Maybe were narcaleptic? Does it only happen when your driving or are you having trouble reading and watching tv as well? If youve got the resources, go to the doc. Unfortunately thats just not an option for me.
What would cause a person to fall asleep after eating any amount of food?
Q: Diabetes has been ruled out & heart disease was diagnosed. Person has extremely low pulse rate & normal blood pressure rates. What could possibly cause a person to fall asleep within an hour of eating?
A: What happens to any person right after eating, especially if it’s a heavy meal, is that the body is focusing 100% on digesting that food. That’s why the body temperature can lower and fatigue is common. When someone has a heart disease, that person is already easily tired because of the heart that is unable to pump out blood in a normal fashion, maybe the heart needs to pump faster or harder, depending of the type of disease and other conditions of the person (like obesity). Hope this helps to clarify a bit.
How would one fall asleep faster?
Q: I’m 18 and I’d say I get about 4 to 5 hrs asleep a night. I always go to bed early anticipating that I won’t fall asleep for another hour to 2 hours. I avoid caffiene, I try to clear my mind of every thing, I even bought those sound soothing thingys it takes me atleast 90 minutes to fall asleep. Any good opinions so I can save a trip to the doctor.
A: I have had to deal with that prob for awhile now. There r a few tricks I’ve learned and will share them with you. But first know that it is not abnormal to only get four or five hours of sleep a night. The doctors base their data off of averages. So that everyone should get 8 full hrs of sleep a night theory. Is just that a theory. Your body may only need a few hours of sleep to recoup. I do not know how active you r. Or if you r in school or a mentally challenging job. So some of this may help and some not. But Some of your prob may be do to lack of either physical and or mental stimuli. Your body is not the only thing that gets tired. Your mind can also. So if u r lacking in excercise then work out more to cause fatique so u sleep if u do work out enough. Then try mental tasks like puzzles or more school work. Failing these two options. You may want to try some night time sleep aids. but I am not recomending them. You just may not need that much rest. If u feel fatiqued all the time due to a lack in sleep. Then you may have a prob that needs to be addressed by a doctor. It could be anything from Heart probs to a inproper diet. Personally I take a shot of vodka or a glass of wine. And I usally sleep just fine. But that probably is not a option for u. Here again i must say moderation is key while sleep can renew your faculties to much can lead to probs also. Same with alcohol. Good luck and sleep tight.
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