When do you go to sleep

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I will not go asleep until another couple of hours, but ChaCha never sleeps. More questions? ChaCha is here for you 24/7! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-you-go-to-sleep ]
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It all depends on when you wake up. If you feel that it’ll take you some time to get ready and all that, then you can wake up an hour before you have to BE at work. If you work at 11am, you might want to get there 10:45 or 10:50 to give you…
I’d recommend having a certain timeframe for going to sleep and let’s take 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM as an example. Naturally, feeling tired is something which is next to impossible to control, but, for every human being, there are certain hours …
Evening activities can occasionally last pretty late, and some nights you may get extra time in the canteen. Usually we try to get everyone back into their bunks by 10-10:30PM, although some special events can last even later.

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When you go to sleep, do you like something between your legs?
Q: It feels awesome to have a pillow or something between your thighs. Something is usually better though.
A: yeah…it does fell awesome to have something between your legs
Do i need to go to sleep for my wisdom teeth?
Q: im gettin my last 3 wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow, the top n bottom on the left side, and the bottom on tha right side, i got the top one pulled out 2 weeks ago, and they numbed it and i didnt feel anything, do i need to go under anesthesia? cuz i really don’t want to, im kind of scared that i wont wake up, i’d rather deal wit the pain then to be dead, so what should i do?
A: hmm i would recommend getting put to sleep. i had all 4 mine out at once so i used general anesthesia. but if you were fine with getting one pulled out, and you didnt feel anything then you would be fine with just getting local anesthesia. but i would say get general because i wouldnt want to hear and be awake for them to take them out. but thats just my opinion. but if you had one out already then you will be fine!
How do I go back to sleep when I woke up from my parents having sex?
Q: I just got a rude awakening from my parents having some nasty time with each other in the other room. This has happened a few times before but When I get jerked awake from the noises I find it hard to go back to sleep, if at all sleep the rest of the night.Right now it is 12:36 am and I can’t go back to sleep no matter how hard I try, my mind is still scarred for the moment, any remedies/tips?
A: Hey there, while it is completely natural for parents to have sex I know it can be rather disturbing for the fellows members of the household. I have a problem from being awoken by things, my sister across the hallway talks quite loudly in her sleep and it isn’t of anything pleasant. So I went to Home Depot, or you could go to any hardware store and buy ear plugs. I don’t mean those weird little things. The kind I use (I forget the brand name) have a blue rubber wire connecting to yellow plugs on each end. They basically fit to any ear size and silence the outside out and aren’t painful in the least.Though the kind I bought came with goggles, you may have to look for that minor set if they aren’t singled out. But that worked for me, and I live in a small house with thin walls, haha.If now, then a room swap is a decent choice, though it takes time and work. I don’t know if you are as lazy as me so I can’t really say how good of an idea that is. Try the ear plugs, sleeping with music doesn’t help. It usually keeps the brain awake or wakes you up by certain beats and or the pitch of voices.I hope all works out!
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