When should a person take creatine

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Taking creatine can be dangerous. You need to talk to your doctor about when you should take it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-should-a-person-take-creatine ]
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When should a person take creatine
Taking creatine can be dangerous. You need to talk to your doctor about when you should take it.
When to Take Creatine – Information For the Average Person?
You may be one of the many people that have heard about creatine use, but do not know what it is used for. Is it possible that you even heard that it is a supplement that body builders use, but do not know what it does and how it could poss…
How much grams of creatine should a 140Ibs person take a day??
It’s called Dymatize Xpand. Seriously. Not hard to spell or think. You do not load when using Xpand. You take the servings as directed. One serving pre-workout. 30 minutes prior. One serving post-workout. 15-45 minutes after. One serving on…

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Should a person take creatine when they are in high school?
A: Creatine is intended for people 18 and over as well with other supplements, if you are 18 you should take Creatine in a powder form (absorbs the best) Creatine Ethyl Ester would be very good with out any loading phase 3-5 grams day 🙂
if a person takes creatine, exactly how much water should they drink?
Q: it kind of sounds like a hassle to take it. it sounds like in order not to end up with kidney stones or hydration problems it to constabtly be drinking down water. what if you dont have the time to be constantly drinking?nik named mom. i tried searching it. there are no medical studies that have been done or actualy any solid factual information on creatine side effects other than dehydration.
A: Creatine is a lot more dangerous than people will have you believe. My sister and her husband are body builders, well, she WAS. She now has a condition called Psuedo Tumor Cerebri. This is caused by creatine and affects men more often than women. PTC causes your body to make too much spinal fluid. When you have too much fluid, there isn’t anyplace for it to go, so it creates a pocket tumor of fluid in your brain. It’s called a Psuedo Tumor because they only have to insert a ten inch long needle into her spine with a drain tube about once a month to relieve the pressure so she won’t be paralyzed. My sister now suffers from debilitating migranes and has gone from a 70 hour a week worker, and working out at the gym or at home every spare minute to drooling, crying and laying in bed in insufferable pain begging us to make it stop. Her only relief comes after the blindness and the spinal tap to dump the excess fluid. She gets one day of no pain, and two of some then she’s right back to screaming. The doctor diagnosed her and said it came from her diet. He said that creatine was definitely a factor. Creatine DOES NOT have this effect on everyone, but is it worth the risk?Check some medical sites to see for yourself that what I am saying is true. You can start at webmd.com and look up psuedo tumor cerebri first. Then start looking at the physicians desk reference for creatine and the real side effects.
What happens when a person who has been taking creatine on a regular basis stops?
Q: I am considering taking creatine but am not sure what will happen to my body when I stop some day in the future. Does it get flabby? Does the muscle turn to fat? What happens?
A: I have a feeling you dont quite understand what creatine actually does?? Creatine is not an anobolic aid, instead it helps resynthesis ATP (muscle energy) so you can lift heavier or for longer.While taking creatine it is recommended to cycle on and off. This is so your body doesnt get used to the creatine. When your on it you’ll notice a gain in water in your muscles. When your off it, it will dissappear.
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