Where can I find Tretinoin cream at

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You can purchase it online easily. See the link, for the website where you can find it: [ Source: ]
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What is tretinoin cream used for?
Tretinoin cream is used to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces roughness and improves coloration. Though it may be given to treat acne as well.
Does tretinoin cream reduce wrinkles?
The FDA approved tretinoin cream in 1995 to help reduce wrinkles. It also may help fade brown spots. The cream must be used as a part of a total skin care program to see full benefits.
How to Use Tretinoin Cream
・ 1 Wash your face with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser such as Cetaphil. ・ 2 Wait 20 to 30 minutes. ・ 3 Squeeze up to 1/2 inch of tretinoin cream onto your fingertip, keeping the cream away from the sensitive… ・ 4 Dab tretinoin cream on …

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Can you buy Tretinoin Cream at a local store?
Q: or do i have to get a prescription for it?
A: at least here in india you don’t need a is marketed under the brand name tretin…
Where can I buy tretinoin 0.025% cream generic for retin-a at reasonable price?
A: not sold over the counter.get it from a doctor, and i’m not if sure they make generic or not
How will my skin react when I stop using tretinoin cream?
Q: I have been using tretinoin cream for four months and it has not improved my skin at all…in fact, its a lot worse. So I am going to start using duac gel again, which i have used before and it worked amazingly well. I haven’t talked to my dermatologist, but i had refills left on duac gel so I am just going to start using it. My question: how do you think my skin will react when coming off of tretinoin cream?
A: It probably will not react adversely. In fact, since you are having problems using the product, I suspect that your skin will enjoy the removal of the product. Remember, different types of acne respond to different products. Usually, the small, non-inflammatory type of acne responds to the tretinoin cream; but the inflammatory type responds to the Duac. I suspect that you didn’t have the correct type of acne for the tretinoin product.
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