Which way do your eyes shift to when you lie

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If they’re looking to the right (their right your left) some psychologists and counselors believe this means they are lying. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-way-do-your-eyes-shift-to-when-you-lie ]
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Which way do your eyes shift to when you lie
If they’re looking to the right (their right your left) some psychologists and counselors believe this means they are lying.

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How can you tell, by their eyes, when someone might be lying to you?
Q: Specifically, I’m asking about isolated one-on-one situations where you’re face-to-face and can look them directly in the eye. When their eyes shift suddenly to your left or right, what’s the rule of thumb? Left is most likely creative brain work (i.e. lie)? Right is recall memory (truth)? Or is it the opposite? I’ve found conflicting results and never had law enforcement training. Please help enlighten me. Thanx in advance to all sincere responses.
A: It is an eye opener. You have given some clue. I will further search in a Library for more details as I am also keenly interested in the subject. Particularly I want to further probe about the functions of left brain and right brain. I should rather thank you for giving such ideas.
Can a supervisor at the workplace dictate when you can and cannot leave even if your shift is over?
Q: So I’ve been working for a certain grocery company for 1.5 years now after graduating from college and apparently me and some of the other guys I work with are still not getting the proper respect and conditions we deserve. First off, we work 3rd shift (10 PM – 6:30 AM) and the last couple of months, pretty much the entire summer, the grocery crew supervisor has been on multiple vacations and when he has been at work, he has come in after we’re gone, usually around 7 AM and we’re gone by then. Anyway, this morning he held a meeting, like he has done in the past, where he comes up with new rules and says that we signed and agreed to these rules in the past, which is not true. One of these “rules” is that we can no longer leave the store until it’s pretty much perfect in his eyes. This means all of the freight must be on the shelves and all products in all aisles must be pulled to the front of the shelf, 3 of each item per row… This takes forever… When someone calls in sick, which happens very frequently, I’d say multiple times a week, then that means we’ll more than likely not have everything done by 6:30 and it could take us up to 8 AM or later to get everything done. He didn’t even address the calling in “sick” issue at the meeting but insisted we stay until he or another supervisor says it’s ok to go. (We’ve also had meetings where he tells us how bad workers unions are and if they come to the store to pretty much not sign any papers because they “lie”)Sorry for the digression, but it needed to be said. At any rate, am I not the only one who seems to notice that this job, as well as many others, seem to dictatorial to the point of madness? How can a corporation such as the one I work for, and it IS a large corporation, legally have supervisors telling you not to sign papers from workers unions because they “lie”? Any information or advice will be greatly appreciated. I smell a rat and I’m starting to feel more like a prisoner at work being told I can’t when I have one car and a fiance that has two jobs and needs to get to work right when I get out. In the meantime, I’m going to start looking for another job!lol, didn’t say I was a slave and I didn’t say I was going to leave, but the rest of the info was helpful, thanks.Thanks for the empathy and compassion Joan. Thanks for the raw info BP
A: As long as he’s paying you for your time, it’s not illegal.If it’s a bad situation, find another job.
what does it mean when he says “open your eyes” does he fancy me or wot?
Q: Does this fancy me or just playing me?This guy right, I told him on 2 drunken occasions i like him, lol one time saying hey u and me shud do missionary style back in june at a party.we get along really well, constant talking teasing but thing is i do like him alot…but with me the strategy has changed i dnt ask that guy out i wait for him to ask mei can wait a whole yr and he dnt…cos if i ask him its a win loose situation, i cud get rejected, however if he asks me out then i know its a win win cos i like him to to you see.i tease him, flirt with him always shakes me hand or pokes at me, i play hard to get.On wednesday outta the blue he comes to the till next to me, both work at a supermarket and goes hey kira cheer up. i sed i am, im thinking, he then takes the mick how i was saying itand goes wot r u thinking bout, i go stuff, then he teased with me alot more, then suddenly kept saying hey kiran open your eyes again twice. He then scanned this item. a blouse and shows it to me and goes this looks nice on yu, got one of them, i sed yeh, i wear em with a pencil skirt then carried on talking. Then he said something else like hey kiran u know they gonna start taking pictures of you and mefrom the camera, then said hey kiran, they gonna take picture of you cos ur the best look girl in the store, then i said wot they gnna take a picture of ur backside cos u ave a sexy backthen the lady customer i was serving goes, i think he likes youuuuuuuuu, i sed naaa, lol and laughed and she goes cos ur prettyoh yeh, i told him how me and my friend sharon gnna go xmas shopping, he goes oh kiran thanks for inviting me i thort u n me were a team, i said yehh…oh u can come you know, he goes yeh ok jus ring me yeh, he then goes hey kira, open your eyesthen after i finished my shift, i went upstairs to check the Chelsea FC football score, hes sitting there eating his pasta, lies how chelsea are loosing getting me riled up till i found he was jokin, then chatted more, he then goes hey kiran u know i tease you alot cos u went a **** uni, i sed oh i thort u teased me cos im vunerable, he says do ppl tease you n i sed yeh, he said u need counselling, here come and sit downand talk i go wot…with an alcoholic..I just tease around how he’s a drinker lol, he chokes on his food with laughter then goes oh ur finished, i sed gnna walk it home at 9pm…my parents were out so i walked it home wednesday, and i go why u concerned for my saftey, he goes yeh I am, lol then last words he sed kiran open your eyesi briefly bumped into him today he did say open your eyes, i sed in return hey maybe u shud open ur eyes. I mean he keeps saying open your eyes all the time….what does this mean? What does all of it mean?WHY DOES HE KEEP SAYING OPEN YOUR EYES HERE AND THERE
A: because he likes you!
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