Who gives the best back rubs

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173 Lafayette St (between Broome St & Grand St) New York, NY 10013 (212) 925-4511 has the best back rubs according to customer reviews. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-gives-the-best-back-rubs ]
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How to Give Good Back Rubs
・ Start at the root of the neck, rub slowly. ・ Proceed to just below the shoulder blades, a little more firmly, and rub ・ Use your index finger on your dominant hand to rub the lowish back.
Do you give good back rubs?
i give fantstic massages,love having a good rub session myself aswell Jen x
How to Give The Best Back Rub Ever
・ 1 First make the setting perfect. Have him/her lay down on your bed covered with a large towel, the lights… ・ 2 Have them lie down naked on the bed face down. Rub a few drops of massaging oil on their back. Choose… ・ 3 Then lay your f…

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Do you find people who like to give foot rubs to be, weird or any negative thing?
Q: I am basically wondering if people will think less of me if they find out I like to give foot rubs. Truthfully I like giving them more than getting them. For one I love making other people feel good, and two it relaxes me and often you can have good conversation while giving foot rubs.So, Would you think of someone who loves giving foot rubs in a negative way?Would you consider being in a relationship with someone who does?ps. I am NOT meaning someone who gets any sort of sexual arousal from other peoples feet.
A: It is only weird if you make it weird. I enjoy giving massages and foot rubs go along in that category. I would say you need to have a certain relationship to where you can say “Hey you want a foot rub”? It is all in how you ask to do it.
Who gives more massages/foot rubs in your relationship?
Q: man or women?
A: It is probably me, but I am willing to bet my other half would say it was her. So I think to be safe I will say it is probably about equal for us.
When someone gives you a hug and rubs your back, are they feeling you up or being comforting?
Q: A hug and a few pats on the back is good.
A: Listen to Milo. He’s got a point there. You can’t prejudge everybody. Some people think they are being extra friendly with a “mini-backrub” while hugging you, and felling you up or sexual fantasies have absolutely nothing to do with it. Others might get really aroused by a simple, quick hug. Still others can use a simple pat on the arm in a sexually harrassing way. You really have to judge these things individually, by the level of discomfort they cause. Obviously, a huge, lingering bear hug that leaves your breasts flattened for 5 minutes isn’t good. But at the same time, it’s not necessarily a “dirty” hug either. It all depends on the person doing it. A father’s lingering hug doesn’t necessarily mean he’s got incest on his mind. Then again, if a school teacher hugged you the same way, it could mean something on HIS mind! I guess you’d have to add the hug to other things the person says and does to get the whole picture. It can be tricky, and accusing someone of harrassment is a serious charge, so be sure you read them right.
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