Why are scabs itchy

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The skin beneath scabs may become very irritated or itchy during the healing process. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-scabs-itchy ]
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Why do scabs itch?
Well, it isn’t the scab that itches (obviously), it’s the skin immediately around it. It itches for two reasons: 1. The wound is healing, and I don’t know why, but that always makes things itch; and 2. (at least in my case) I’ve noticed tha…
My hamster is itchy and scabs, not mange – what could it be??
He’s got a parasite of some sort. Depending on where you found him abandoned at, he was probably eating food not good for hamsters and came in contact with bugs and other things that would be bad for him. I’m glad you took this little guy…
Why do scabs get itchy as they heal?
When the skin is cut,scabs forms, under the scab healing of wound,repair of cut skin starts. Scab when dried,starts to pull the skin from all direction so that skin is repaired & you don`t get any mark. This pulling of skin causes the i…

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Why do scabs become itchy?
Q: I’ve had a scab for some time already and now it’s starting to become really itchy. I keep wanting to scratch it but I know that if I do, my scab will fall off too early and another one will form. So why does it become itchY?
A: It means the sore is almost healed. Don’t scratch it off or you’ll have to start all over with the scab and probably get a scar from it too.I can’t remember the exact reason the itching starts, but I think its a combination of the surface nerves regenerating and the scab starting to dry up and tugging on the skin.Hope that helps!
Why are scabs itchy (this question must be at least 20 characters long)?
Q: Its one of those questions of life that is interesting but you can’t be bothered to look it up in an encyclopedia…anyone help me out here?
A: probably because your skin is regrowing a new layer under the scab, and the scab is being slowly pushed away by the healing process. That’s the only logical reason I can see that it would be itchy. I personally hate scabs and pick at them just to put neosporin on the cut so it heals faster with less itching. But that’s probably a bad idea 😛
Why do scabs feel so itchy and need to be picked?
A: First off, NEVER pick a scab. That will prolong healing, increase chances of infection and caus scarring. If your scab is itching chances are that it is too dry. Keep thick lotion or oil on it. Clean it once a day gently with soap and water to prevent infections and you should be fine!
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