Why do you become addicted to cigarettes

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Nicotine causes chemical or biological changes in the brain. This effect is called psychoactive and although it is less MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-become-addicted-to-cigarettes ]
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Why do you become addicted to cigarettes
Nicotine causes chemical or biological changes in the brain. This effect is called psychoactive and although it is less MORE?
How long does it take to become addicted to cigarettes?
It depends on your genes. Some people have an “addictive” gene that is stimulated after only one cigarette (yes this gene is proven and people can be shown to become addicted after just one cigarette). As you don’t know what genes…
Will I become addicted to cigarettes?
Well, you might. Try to quit cold turkey for 48 hours. If you start feeling “hungry” for a cigarette or start thinking “i could realy use a cigarette right now… just one won’t hurt” then yes, you are becoming adicted.

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When do you become addicted to cigarettes?
Q: i usually smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes a day but im not craving them and my body doesnt feel like i need one constantly. i dont want to become addicted but i dont really want to stop smoking since i like what it does to me. how and when would you actually become addicted to cigarettes?
A: You are addicted. You:”I don’t want to stop smoking…I like what it does to me.” This is a sign. Your body is used to having the nicotine every day. You may not have a bad addiction yet but put them down for at least two days and see how you feel.
What percent of people who smoke cigarettes become addicted?
Q: I’ve bummed alot cigs off other people but i have never felt like i NEEDED one, and i won’t waste my money on them so i don’t think I’m addicted, i just wanna know if there is a percent of people who don’t become addicted and what that % is.
A: I don’t know what the percentage is, because despite what someone said here regular smoking is *not* the same as addiction — there are people who smoke regularly and have no withdrawal symptoms if they stop. However, I did see recently a figure for “social smokers” — those who don’t smoke every day — and it was 19%, so I’d say you’re in good company. The actual percentage of people who don’t become addicted to tobacco even if they smoke may be higher, since they’re more apt to stop than those who are addicted and not be counted as smokers.
How do people become addicted to cigarettes?
Q: I have smoked a couple times in my life.. all for like social situations or to respect cultures, nothing like peer pressure or anything, but I have never become addicted.. why is that? I mean of course i’m glad I haven’t, but it makes me curious how people get addicted.
A: I think that you’re just different from them. It’s a myth when people say that once you start smoking, you’ll become addicted, because that’s not true. Although MOST people become addicted once when they start to smoke, not everybody does. You’ve smoked a few times. You either didn’t enjoy it very much, or it just wasn’t very special to you. You just have a different perspective on smoking; you didn’t become addicted to it and you were able to stay away from it. Most people smoke when they’re depressed. A cigarette is like an escape for them: an escape from life. Almost all smokers are depressants; believe me when I say that. They turn to drugs to solve their problems. Some people are exactly the opposite of you: once they get their very first dose of a cigarette, it’s so good that they become instantly and insanely addicted that they can’t stop, or it’s very difficult for them to quit. It’s hard to explain, but I hope I helped you anyway. :)xx
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