Why does benedryl put people to sleep and how long does it take

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Benadryl contains diphenhydramine which is known to put most people to sleep. THe time length to putting a person to sleep varies depending on factors such as the dosage and the person’s body weight. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-benedryl-put-people-to-sleep-and-how-long-does-it-take ]
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Why does benedryl put people to sleep and how long does it take?
Benadryl contains diphenhydramine which is known to put most people to sleep. THe time length to putting a person to sleep varies depending on factors such as the dosage and the person’s body weight. Thanks for using ChaCha!

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Why is my body chemistry so messed up? Benedryl keeps me awake and caffeine puts me to sleep. Why?
Q: All my life, caffeine has put me to sleep. One cup of soda, or tea, or coffee, or latte, or mocha, etc. and I am knocked out for hours; it makes me immediately feel exhausted.Well, last night I took Benedryl for the first time and it kept me awake ALL night long!I was told to take the Benedryl because I have fluid in my middle ear (Serous Otitis Media) and I was told by two Pharmacists that the Benedryl would put me to sleep. BUT it didn’t. In fact, it kept me AWAKE all night long!WHY is my body chemistry so backwards?Caffeine puts me to sleep and Benedryl keeps me awake!Is there any way I can fix this? What would cause this?
A: you have ADHD or ADD its the same thing i have they give people with ADD speed and it does the opposite and slows them down you should get checked me my daughter and my son have it i didnt want to medicate my eight year old so the Dr. suggested a couple of sips of coffee in the morning and it makes her calm and attentive
Sleep and behavior issues with my 3yr old son Please help?
Q: Ok he is now 3 just turned it on Easter. For several months now he has been up and down all night long crying but never awake. He wont go to sleep until anywhere from 11pm to 1am sometimes not even till 2 or 3 am. I have tried even putting him in his room and shutting his door to get him to go to sleep and all he does is kick his wall and scream. I have also (of course at different times) tried shutting his light out thinking maybe it was too bright in there, and still having the hall light on. He usually wont take a nap during the day no matter how hard I try. I dont know what to do. He is getting ready to get evaluated for to see what his behavior problems are being caused by. And I think it might have to do with lack of sleep. He is a very violent tempered boy. If he dont get his way he will throw things at either a person or just a wall or across the room. Or another thing he has a bad habit of is beating on his 22month old sister with toys. Most of the time he does it for no reason at all. No one ever beleived me that he was doing this till one day a friend of mines mom watched them and he showed it all to the max. they were in a yard and in two different areas all a sudden he just came up to her and cracked her in the back. Then while in time out she came near him and he picked up a stick and started hitting her in the head. They have never either one seen this kind of violence. Would the sleep problem cause that bad of behavior. And what can I do about it. I have even tried benedryl cuz thats what he was prescribed to help and it still dont put him to sleep. he is wound for sound after a dose of that. I am just so lost and need help. He has even broken windows in our home with how bad his temper gets.
A: First take him to the dr and make them run all kinds of tests his temper could be caused by not sleeping right and that is the first thing that has to be fixed my son didn’t sleep because his tonsils were HUGE and it caused behavior problems, I had a friend her little one had asthma and didn’t sleep well and had behavior problems so we are talking a lot of different tests if they fix the sleep problems and he is still that way you may have to get tough with him but before they thought about sleep being a problem they ran a bunch of tests on mine to see if he other issues also I found it helpful to read I have read books on difficult children, spirited children, you name it I read it looking for answers some of them didn’t help except for the fact that I realized I wasn’t alone other gave good tips on discipline. Everyone thought my kid was an angle too till they spent a lot of time with him, just hang in there it will get better.
Anxiety and behavioral disorder in family and now seen in daughter, need prnts advice, this is long im sorry?
Q: My 5 year old just started school. She is my youngest of two. i have three brothers, out of the four of us, two of my brother grew up diagnosed ADD and now the three off us are diagnosed ADHD, i do believe i could have been diagnosed ADD in my younger years but wasnt because i did realitively well in school so it never became an issue. My third brother and I are also diagnosed learned anxiety. We both probably harbored some anxiety our whole lives but mine took its course about 2 years ago and his about a month ago. So here is my issue. My 6 year old is outgoing, social, and at the exact academic and mental level that she should be at. My 4 year old raises some concerns for me because of my family history and what i have personally experienced with myself and watching my brothers grown up. I am going to list some sypmtoms and i was wondering if anyone has experience with a child who went through this same thing, had any of these same characteristics and kinda what is your story? thanks in advance to anyone that shares with me.1.She was anxious from the day she was born. I stayed home for 1 week with her and went back to work, after 2 days my mom told me she couldn’t take it anymore, she cried non stop and refused to eat any food, she dropped a whole lb the two days i went back to work, so, luckily i was able to, i was forved to pack her up and take her to work with me everyday. She was perfectly happy in my presence. This escaladed as she got a little older, at a year old we moved and i spent every night crying and she screamed in her crib pounding it against the wall, i was forced to move it to the middle of the room and nieghbors came over nightly to tell me i had to do something. I started recording the times it took her to fall asleep, the two longest were 2 hours 47 minutes and 2 hours 59 minutes, the shortest times were around 45 minutes and those were the night i would give in, go get her and put her in bed with me. Took her to the dr, he said it was anxiety and told me to give her half a dose of baby tylenol and half a done of baby benedryl at night and it would help ease her and help her sleep and be at peace. It was a god send! We still do this sometimes as she still deals with this problem, just not so horrifically.2. She is 5 and is still very attached to me, she is very shy, not abnormally shy to a point where i worry about the shyness, i just notice it and wonder if it plays into something else. It will take her a couple months to feel comfortable in a situation, like school, dance daycare etc, where most kids only need a few weeks or just a couple experiences. She can be involved in something for a very long period of time and suddenly decide she is DONE! And the reaction that i get when i try and cohearse her otherwise is so awful, blood curddling, screamig crying heart breaking im so scared kicking and violent that it wouldn’t be right of me to put her with other children and i have had to pull her out of activities that she loved and was so good at just the time before. One of these activities was dance, which she has been doing since she was 18 months old and is really really good at. She had an episode at dance, decided she was done a month ago and i have not been able to get her to go back since.3.She likes organization and being told what to do. She will absolutely melt down if i don’t explain something to her the exact way she wants it explained. or if she overhears a conversation and has a question about it, she will ask me her question, and if i don’t know the answer and tell her to ask the person who does know she meltsdown, she can’t handle it.4.She wets her pants. She was put on spastic bladder medication and after three months there were no changes. She wears a pull up at night but rarely wets while she is sleeping. She started all day kindergarten two weeks ago and i was scared to death because i didn’t want her to pee in class and be embarassed or get kicked out of the school because the pants wetting is so random, sometimes she will go days with no accidents, sometimes she pees herself 6,7,8 times a day! So far she has not had one accident in school, but as soon as she is home she pees in her pants!!!! i bought her a watch that alarms every thrity minutes or however many minutes i set it and when she wears it she does great so i just don’t know why she doesn’t care that she is wet all the time.5.She has younger sibling syndrome. She won’t talk to people or answer their questions because she is so used to her slightly older sister doing it for her. If her sister is not around she will tell me to answer for her or she just refuses to talk to people. Also i have started to attempt to seperate their friends because i never realized what an age difference 1st grade and kindergarten makes, my oldest one needs her space and her own friends and my little one needs to branch out, she hates this and it always leads to turmoil.6.She reverts to baby traits when sh
A: first of all i feel sorry you are trying to deal with this .you i think need to do tough love your daughter needs to be with other children her age no matter what temper she has.letting her stay will teach her more than pulling her out and giving in to her. check see if anything wrong ever happened to her on her first few days in school..my oldest son got hit by a bully his 1st week and carried on about going( big time)the kindergarten place would not handle it so i put him in another it took some time but he settled down try a swimming class it helps with muscles to relax her.if it is one on one or group from the start when you enroll her you leave no matter what she wants..no matter what kind of class or activity you enroll her in you leave stand where she can not see you if you really want to stay.. when she comes to you for answers and you don’t answer the way she wants ask her the question back.see what her answer is.this will upset her but hold on let her do it ..my youngest of 4 would ask all the time if i did not answer it right to her she layed on the floor scream kicked carried on really bad then i get upset then give in . Wrong thing to do i found out.i was giving her a reason to do it.so from then on i just let her till she could not do it any more. then she started holding her breath turning blue pass out come right out of it a few of these little temper ways and she figured out it was not working and it all stoped. she also would not ask for thing if any of her brothers or her older sister was around .i just had to talk to them and tell them she had to ask herself if she wanted water or snack or what ever .she would go off mad but came back later and asked after a few time as you well know it is hard to do but it must be done. don’t let her sleep in your bed no matter what.. start her with some sleep overs with her friends make a tent in her room or something as long as its fun and as long as its in her room. i went to 3yrs of counsceling with my children to find out all the things i was doing wrong .children have to be children and be their own person.when they are born they dont come with instructions we learn as we go .
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