Why does is so much mucus produced during the time of a cold

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It’s our body’s way of expelling the bacteria/viruses that are causing our illness. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-is-so-much-mucus-produced-during-the-time-of-a-cold ]
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Why does is so much mucus produced during the time of a cold?
It’s our body’s way of expelling the bacteria/viruses that are causing our illness. ChaCha!

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How do you loosen up the mucus/plegm/congestion in your chest during colds/bronchitis, etc?
Q: I’m not even sick but since I’ve been sick in the last two months, I’ve had alot of chest congestion which is lingering forever to deal with, and if I don’t take my inhalers/asthma meds and some OTC chest congestion meds….I can’t even walk far before feeling faint, because I just can’t catch my breath with all that stuff inside of my chest!What can we do to clear it up and be able to breathe?I can feel it in my chest, it’s tight, produces coughing and makes it so hard to breathe. You feel even more sick with it there, and it makes walking and any type of exertion difficult.Any advice?Whenever I get sick it ALWAYS seems to travel to my chest and sit there, and make my chest inflammed, prone to bronchospasms, full of mucus, tight..inefficient….it feels like..I have lung cancer or something, and I can hardly function.I can’t live like this all year round especially if things keep settling in my chest.I need help and advice!
A: Definitely discuss with your doctor…make sure you don’t have bronchitis or walking pneumonia or something else. Then all the other advice listed above also helps: – throughout the day:——– drink more water——– sip hot teas or broth soups with lots of garlic——– take steaming showers——– try the muscinex (the original plain) to loosen mucus——– Vapor rub if you can handle the eucalyptusAllow your body to cough it all up. Might take a few days. So keep drinking the water and sipping hot teaGargling & lozenges might soothe your sore throat from all the coughing. This year’s cold virus left a lot of people with lung congestion for weeks after. Took mine over 8 weeks to go away! If you get sick frequently like this, you might want to take a good look at your diet. You might not be getting the proper nutrients you need from your diet. Are you consuming enough fresh fruits & vegetables daily?
If my asthma responds more to steroids rather than albuterol/xopenex, what does that point to?
Q: Does that mean that most of my problem could be related to just my lungs being weak when they get colds and flus, and other infections, and swelling up, and producing mucus, etc,…..much more so than actual broncho-constriction?Because, I rarely seem to really have actual broncho-spasms, and when I take xopenex or albuterol during an asthma episode, it really doesn’t do all that much. I feel a bit more open, and easier to breathe, i don’t have to fight as much, but the same amount of soreness, heaviness, inflammation and mucus is still there.Then as soon as I take some prednisone, I feel about 80% better in an hour or two, like it just completely obliterated my asthma. But after I stop taking prednisone, a week later or so, it’s back again, and the controller meds aren’t really THAT effective. even little things like nasonex, or my controller symbicort, help my asthma alot more than the xopenex/albuterol, but they alone can’t seem to do much.I also take zyrtec and singulair daily which seem to do absolutely nothing, or minimal.does this mean that my asthma is BAD, or just more inflammation related?
A: Could mean your asthma is just part of your respiratory problems as it is often accompanied by bronchitis, emphysema or pneumonia bouts you get more often than the average person. Oral (20 mg. pills) Prednisone is something I take everyday just to breathe and control the inflammation as I have severe copd due to years of having all four mentioned medical problems. You might want to consult a pulmonologist and get what is known as an FEV1 (simple blow into a tube test) to see whether or not you need to be treated for more than asthma. All asthma is bad or at least undesirable to the sufferer. Try this website for very informed, calm sources to solutions and answers to your questions. Http://www.copd-support1.com. If you get a lot of colds and flus, those inflammations are really taxing your respiratory system and you should rule out or get a diagnosis on possible copd as mine wasn’t discovered until it was quite advanced and have encountered similar reports from copd-support1 people. You seem to be taking quite a few of the standard copd prescriptions and you might ask your doctor why if it’s just asthma. The mucous production is causing the constriction as well as the inflammation episodes and it’s time for you to start managing your ailment in cooperation with your medical team.
During the immune response, certain white blood cells produce?
Q: During the immune response, certain white blood cells produceA.mucus.B.lymph.C.antibodies.D.pathogens.4.Which of the following suggestions is NOT a strategy that can help a person stay well?A.Eat a healthy, balanced diet.B.Avoid cold or wet weather.C.Reduce stress levels.D.Avoid close contact with sick people.5.Vaccines protect against disease byA.slowing the production of antibodies that fight invading pathogens.B.increasing the number of white blood cells in the body.C.attacking bacteria or viruses that have caused an infection.D.causing the body to develop immunity to a disease.6.Two ways that a body can develop immunity to a disease are getting a vaccine andA.getting a booster shot.B.having a healthy lifestyle.C.preventing inflammation.D.getting the disease.7.Which of the following symptoms is NOT an indicator that a sick person needs to see a doctor immediately?A.Thick, yellow-green mucus from the nose, lungs, or mouthB.A fever of 100°FC.Serious difficulty breathingD.Sharp and persistent pain in the abdomen or side8.Steps you can take to care for yourself and prevent the spread of an infectious disease include staying home when you are sick, throwing away used tissues, andA.washing your hands frequently.B.getting plenty of rest.C.drinking plenty of fluids such as juice and water.D.taking your temperature.9.Which of the following statements about preventing infectious diseases is FALSE?A.You can reduce the likelihood of getting a disease from an animal or insect by wearing insect repellant and avoiding contact with wild animals or animals that act strangely.B.Public vaccination programs have helped prevent the spread of diseases such as measles and small pox.C.Washing your hands regularly can slow the spread of diseases that are transmitted by sick people, animals, and food.D.Sharing food and drink with family members is safer than sharing those items with friends, because families tend to have the same immunities to diseases.
A: C,B,D,D,A,A,D
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