Why does peroxide bubble when it is put on a wound

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Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, effectively water plus one oxygen atom. The bubbles we see are the released oxygen. This kills germs. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-peroxide-bubble-when-it-is-put-on-a-wound ]
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Why does hydrogen peroxide bubble on a wound?
Excellent answer Harp. To elaborate further, this effect of catalase is actually used in a clinical test to differentate staphylococcus (which has catalase) and streptococcus (one version of which is the so-called flesh eating bacteria and …
Why does hydrogen peroxide bubble when placed on a wound??
Hydrogen peroxide breaks down catalase into water and oxygen. Catalase is found in blood and bacteria in the wound. The bubbles you see are from the oxygen that is being released.
What is it about wounds that makes peroxide bubble?
Now, THAT is what I call a challenging question! It requires some thinking in addition to the book-ish knowledge and I love it! But, before I continue with my answer, I’d just like to correct one statement:- “I know that peroxide rea…

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Why does a wound turn white when you put peroxide on it?
Q: When you put peroxide on a wound, it turns white. Kind of like all the teeny tiny bubbles or something make the wound white for a while. Only where there is exposed tissue it seems. Why does this happen? Thank you.
A: Peroxide is a very active oxidizer, (reacts with oxygen). When you pour it on a wound it reacts with the oxygen in the blood. The bubbling is the oxygen being released. When hemoglobin in blood cells is in the presence of oxygen, like when it’s in your lungs, the hemoglobin absorbs oxygen causing it to turn red. The peroxide removes the oxygen so the hemoglobin no longer has any color, unless you have microscopic vision. It doesn’t take long for any blood cells that are alive to reabsorb oxygen from the air and turn red again. That’s why when you cut yourself the blood is always red. Even if you cut a vein, when the blood gets exposed to the outside air it absorbs oxygen and turns red.
bubbles appear when you put hydrogen peroxide on your wound. does that mean it’s working?
Q: when it bubbles, does it mean it’s killing the germs?if there’s a lot of bubbles, does it mean the wound is very much infected or something?
A: From what I’ve been told and have experienced,yes the bubbles means it’s killing the germs and I’ve used peroxide for like 20 years. No problems.
when you put hydrogen peroxide on a wound and it bubbles does it indicates infection?
A: No. I think It Indicates Healing
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