Why does pollen cause allergies

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Allergies are diseases of the immune system that cause an overreaction to substances called “allergens.” Allergies are … <MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-pollen-cause-allergies ]
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Why do santa ana winds cause allergies?
Allergies Risk Factors. Allergies are relatively common. Both genetics and environmental factors play a role. Allergy is caused by an oversensitive immune system, which leads to a misdirected immune response. The immune system normally prot…
How does pollen cause allergies?
As a type of dust it is easy to inhale. You can be allergic to many types of dust partials. What happens is your body thinks an allergen is harmful and your immune system attacks it. The production of mucus in the throat and nose is the bod…
Which plants produce pollen that cause allergic reactions??
Plants that have powdery granules of pollen that are easily blown by the wind, include the following: ・ trees oak, western red cedar, elm, birch, ash, hickory, poplar, sycamore, maple, cypress, walnut, and … ・ grasses timothy, Bermuda, or…

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Can allergies to pollen cause a dry stuffy nose?
Q: In the past, I would get sneezes and runny nose from allergies in the spring. But last year, the runny nose stopped and my symptoms became a dry stuffed up nose. I have tested allergic to Bermuda grass.
A: yes allergies can make your nose dry up and feel itchy too. It doesnt always have to be runny and sneezing fits for allergies.
Does post-nasal drip caused by allergies cause nausea and loss of appetite?
Q: I have bad allergies, especially to pollen, and I have been suffering alot lately. Does post-nasal drip cause nausea and loss of appetite? Thanks.
A: yes, when in excess. the body can tolerate a certain amount of this goop trickling down into your stomach but too much will result in lack of appetite as well as nausea and can even lead to vomitting. this would be a reason to get on some off-the-shelf 24-hr allergy meds every day.
Do outside allergies cause skin irritaions?
Q: I have allergies with pollen, and this spring the pollen is very thick. Can all that pollen cause skin irritations?
A: yes, allergies can sometimes result in a skin irritation. Usually… you will already have had some sort of skin reaction if that is how you react to allergens (hives, eczema small white bumps, psoriasis, etc). But it is possible to have not had a skin reaction and then develop one in adulthood. It all depends on what the allergen is, and how it made contact with you.For example, if you are allergic to grass… but it only has ever given you breathing issues, and then you end up rolling around in a bunch of freshly mowed lawn clippings…. you could end up with hives or eczema. Usually contact is required though. So unless you are planning on rolling around in a field or something, you are probably okay.
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