Why does the vaccine hurt

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The needles used to give vaccine range from 5/8 inch to one inch depending on your arm, what vaccine is being given and MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-the-vaccine-hurt ]
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Does the H1N1 vaccine hurt
The H1N1 vaccine hurts for some people. Four people out of 39,000 vaccinated against H1N1 in China have had side effects like muscle cramps and headache.
HPV Vaccine. Does it hurt?
The hpv vaccine injection is just a little tiny poke an your “done”, it really doesn’t hurt at all like some people say it does.
Do vaccines hurt?
The needles used to give vaccine range from 5/8 inch to one inch depending on your arm, what vaccine is being given and whether it is injected into fat tissue or muscle tissue. They are the same needles health care workers use to vaccinate …

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why does the hpv vaccine hurt more than others?
Q: i recently took mine and i have to admit it actually made me flinch…i can usually handle needles and shots, but this one hurt me..
A: The medication is quite think and it is going in muscle. When I had my first one I nearly cried and that was before the doctor jabbed in it. The nurse at my clinic knows I’m fine with needles as long as I don’t look and she keeps it hidden from me but the doctor didn’t know and as he prepared the injection he was standing right in front if me and when he saw my tear filled eyes he said “You’re not scared of a little needle are you?” and I said “I just don’t like seeing them” then he apogized and deed the nasty deed and it sting a lot but I kept taking slow deep breathes and fought back the tears.
Why does the Gardasil vaccine hurt so bad?
A: It’s just because the serum in the needle is so thick, so they have to use a bigger needle. It’s like sucking a thick milkshake through a straw. And there is a lot of the liquid, so the muscles have to move to accommodate what’s being injected into you.
Does a Hepatitis A vaccine hurt the muscle after givin?
Q: im asking this because i got the vaccine yesterday at my doctor, and my arm is still hurting alittle bit around the injection spot. did he just hit my skin in the wrong spot?
A: When I got my hepatitis-A (and B) vaccines, the muscle in my arm hurt for a couple of days but it wasn’t anything that a couple of ibuprofin couldn’t take care of.Tetanus shots are the bad ones. For whatever reason, I end up getting a hot, red “goose egg” on my arm which lasts for about a week, and a fever of about 100 degrees or so for two or three days. I know this is better than getting tetanus (the spasms of which can break bones and cause one’s temperature to rise as high as 107 or 108), but tetanus shots are still unpleasant (as vaccinations go). You do want the hepatitis A and B shots, rather than getting preventive gamma globulin in case you’re exposed. Gamma globulin is very thick, and I think it’s one of the worst shots going!
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