Why is dede koswara a tree man

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Dede’s ‘tree man’ disease is actually warts that are spreading over his entire body as a result of the human papillomavirus (HPV). [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-dede-koswara-a-tree-man ]
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Why is dede koswara a tree man
Dede’s ‘tree man’ disease is actually warts that are spreading over his entire body as a result of the human papillomavirus (HPV).
How did Dede Koswara aka the Tree Man get rid of his warts??
“He got them surgically removed.” Indonesia’s ‘tree man’ home after surgery Doctors removed 95 percent of gnarled growths in nine operations Reuters updated 11:18 a.m. ET, Tues., Aug. 26, 2008 JAKARTA – An Indonesian man dubbed th…
Where can one read about the latest Dede tree man update?
“Here is the latest on the “Tree Man”.” Dede, now 35, baffled medical experts when warty “roots” began growing out of his arms and feet after he cut his knee in a teenage accident. The welts spread across his b…

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Why are most human mutations deadly or useless?
Q: An example would be Dede Koswara the tree-man. Why aren’t there any mutations that actually are desirable such as in X-men?
A: > “Why are most human mutations deadly or useless?”They aren’t.In fact, most mutations are “silent” – having no phenotypic effect. Others are mixed in effect (like the Sickle-cell trait, which can give you anemia, but which makes you resistant to malaria).True, some are detrimental, but others are beneficial. Two examples:- Apolipoprotein A1 milano: Apo AI is a protein involved in lipid metabolism. The “Milano” variant, which substitutes a cystein residue, renders you immune to cholesterol-induced atherosclerosis and heart disease. This is a recent mutation, which has been traced back to a single man living in Italy in the 1700s.- CCR5-Δ32: the CCR5 protein is a chemokine receptor, involved in immunity. A 32 base-pair truncation mutation provides immunity to HIV/AIDS (and, it is suspected, the Black Death).> “Why aren’t there any mutations that actually are desirable such as in X-men?”Firstly, no mutation is ever going to let you break the laws of physics. So if you wanted to (for example) shoot lasers from your eyes, you’d still need to *fuel* the lasers (which would involve an unrealistically high-calorie diet). And since teleportation and manipulation of chance are not possible in physics, we’ll never be able to evolve features to do them either.Secondly, evolving a feature like the ability to manipulate the weather is unlikely. How would this be accomplished? What combination of features in an organism would permit it? It is conceivable that features with a defined biological mechanic could arise, like flight – but even then, we’d need to be a lot smaller (as humans are far, far too heavy for self-powered flight).Thirdly, all of these hypothetical mutant powers would involve complex organs, not a single mutation. So even if they were biologically feasible, it would involve many, many accumulated mutations – taking even more generations to accumulate.
Tree Man or Alien…Gasp!?
Q: I was totally freaked out over this article. It says HPV, a virus, caused this man to have tree like growths. I frankly think he’s some kind of Alien and should be banished to the outer limits of the solar system. The docs said it’s incurable…but is it contagious???! Yikes.http://www.hemmy.net/2008/04/15/dede-koswara-the-tree-man-undergoes-treatment/Apparently Dr. Gaspari, the physician who helped this man, brought the blood samples back to the U.S. for testing. I hope they’ve been destroyed!! That’s the last straw, I’m heading straight for Mars to get away from this…this thing.QUARANTINE this thing…it’s incurable they said. He has to be isolated just like leprosy patients were banished to an island.
A: http://www.cdc.gov/STD/HPV/STDFact-HPV.htmIt causes genital warts, not bodily tree– they are ALL warts, he also has some other problem that allowed for the warts to spread all over him.It is contagious, if you sleep with him or otherwise mix your blood with his… though, it is not likely you will have the severe disfiguration, unless you have the same immune defect.
More urgent biology questions…?
Q: 1. How do H. Pylori contribute to the development of stomach ulcers? -How does this bacterium survive in the stomach? -What is the mechanism of action of Nexium (the purple pill), a medication commonly prescribed to treat this stomach ulcer work?2. How did the use of knives and forks influence the development of teeth in modern man?3. Dental decay can be caused by the bacteria Streptoccocus mutans.-Why are brushing and flossing an effective preventative measure against tooth decay?-List one advantage and disadvantage of antibacterial toothpaste.4. Why is smoking bad for you? Think more about the specific effects on the circulatory system.5. There are currently no oral contraceptives available for men. If you had to design an oral contraceptive, what part of the male reproductive system would your drug target? Do you think men would take the contraceptive?6. Dede Koswara (Tree Man) suffers from what disease? -What is the link between the virus that caused his disease and his immune system?1. Are Master Cleanse and colonics biologically sound? What is/are the advantages or disadvantages of these programs?2. Dietary deficiencies are usually associated with poor and developing countries, yet persons in affluent countries have these disorders/deficiencies. Why?
A: 1) H. Pylori burrow down through the mucus layer (which protects them) to be next to the epithelial lining of the stomach. They produce metabolic products that are toxic to the adjacent cells and kills them. As this keeps happening, the bacterial culture slowly digs through the lining and forms an ulcer. Nexium is a proton pump inhibitor… basically stops the parietal cells in the stomach from pumping HCl into the stomach.2) Not sure knives and forks had much to do with it… it probably has more to do with our omnivorous diet. Though, we likely needed fewer of the cutting teeth (bicuspids?) because the food is already cut into smaller pieces.3) Bacteria release a lot of CO2 locally which acidifies the saliva and causes the resorption of calcium from the enamel. Getting rid of the bacteria will lessen the amount of tooth decay. Antibacterial toothpaste would kill all those bacteria, but also kill the good flora in the mouth.4) Smoking causes vasoconstriction… which makes it exceptionally bad in people at risk for stroke or heart problems.5) Spermatogenesis… I don’t think men would take it because of the potential for screwing up their testosterone and developing breasts. Also, male ejaculate would still be messy, it would just lack sperm.6) Tree Man has HPV… which a ton of people have. However, he also has a genetic condition which compromises his immune system and makes his body unable to fight off the warts… thus the buildup and tree-like appearance.
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