Will Epsom salt help a swollen finger

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Epsom salt will help a swollen finger by reducing swelling. Thanks for using ChaCha, have a great day. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-epsom-salt-help-a-swollen-finger ]
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Will Epsom salt help a swollen finger
Epsom salt will help a swollen finger by reducing swelling. Thanks for using ChaCha, have a great day.

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Hi again, My left middle finger is swollen. Should I dip it in hot Epsom salt water to reduce the swelling?
Q: Yesterday, the doctor punched holes my finger to drain the puss. He also gave me trimethoprim-sulfamethoxa… 2x a day. I was shouting at the top of my lungs in dire pain.I think my doctor is a sadist because he enjoyed seeing me in pain. The finger is getting swollen again. Should I dip my finger in Epson salt for a while to reduced the swelling or what?Please help becuase I have the AIDS virus.
A: assuming your finger is infected coz of a nail problem or some where near the nail. follow these instructions:wash your hands first. then get some peroxide put a lot on a cotton ball. clean out the area really goodfollow that up with a moiston cotten ball of rubbing alcoholalso rubbing alcohol keeps the finger cool as well if it’s hotthen wrap the infected finger in clean gauze. gauze is good coz it will absorb puss.depending on the leakage you should follow the steps above at least 2 times a day or more if gauze is soked.the doc should have given you somthing for infection if your prone to this. well good luck
Stuck by a cactus, my finger is swollen and in pain. What should I do?
Q: Yesterday while landscaping I pricked myself on a cactus and had to remove 4 pieces of cacti needles from my fingers. But one finger has no visible prick wound or entry point right around the middle joint of my ring finger and my joint is in great pain and swollen. It is also hard for me to completely straighten it or ball into a fist without it being severely painful. I would compare the pain to that of spraining or jamming ones finger. I tried to soak it in Epsom salt, but I did not make any difference. Do cacti have some kind of poison on its needles? It has not turned colors and there is no visible sign of bleeding under the skin. Without having to see a doctor, what should I do?
A: It sounds like the prick on your finger has caused an infection. You will need to see a doctor to get appropriate antibiotics. For now, I would try applying cold compresses.
What does a jammed finger look like?
Q: My sister jammed her finger playing gym today, so she went to the nurse and the nurse told her to put a wrap on it…. after school she went ot her medical coach and she rewrapped the finger to help her play… but she said her finger hurt really bad so they took her out of the volleyball game. When she got home she put her finger in epsom salt wate and her finger looked VERY swollen. it is blue and purple and the color goes from the tip of her finger to the middle of her plam….my mom will taker her to a real doc tomm but any advice or experiance ?
A: I used to get those all the time when i played softball in high school.that sounds about right it will be blue and purple for about a week or so. but it will hurt hella bad for close to three weeks.there isnt much you can do for it. the doctor will put a splint on it like a broken finger and tell you not to use for the first week usually but thats about it.i would recommend you not to ‘baby’ it thoughbecause it will hurt more in the long run.hope i helped!=]
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