Will vodka cure a cold

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Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can weaken the immune system overall, which would then make you more likely MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-vodka-cure-a-cold ]
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Can Vodka consumption cure the common cold?
I don’t know but would lean towards believing it. One time when I had the flu with a terrible fever, a Mexican friend prescribed 1 shot of Tequila while sitting in a hot bath – as hot as I could stand for 20 – 30 minutes. My friend guarante…

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Can Vodka consumption cure the common cold?
Q: I’ve always wondered if Vodka can cure the common cold. All of my friends say yes. Half of me believes it, half of me doesn’t. Please explain if it does, and how it does. Thanks.
A: If that were true, Russians would be healthiest people alive!
Tequila or Vodka to cure a cold/illness?
Q: I heard that if you are starting to feel sick you should take some Tequila or Vodka and it’ll make you sweat it out. Tis it true??
A: Try a Cold and Flu Medicine….
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