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How can a female check to see if she is fertile

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The easiest way to check is to monitor ovulation. Tests may be bought OTC to help with this. Blood tests may also be done. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-a-female-check-to-see-if-she-is-fertile ]
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How can a female check to see if she is fertile
The easiest way to check is to monitor ovulation. Tests may be bought OTC to help with this. Blood tests may also be done.

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Bearded dragon help please?
Q: so i came home today and my female bearded dragon layed 15 eggs. i picked them up and shined a led light on the eggs to see if they were fertile but i have no clue how to tell. when i was checking them it looks like there is a small red circle on the outer part inside the egg, so are they fertile? and another thing are the eggs suppose to be soft of hard like a chickens egg?thanks for the helpthis is a repost but the main question is are they suppose to be soft?what can i do to help my female since she has already layed her eggs?what do they look like if they are fertile?please only answer if you know the answers, i dont wanna hear that you have a bearded dragon as well or some other storythanks
A: I have a bearded dragon in my pants
I want a bearded dragon!? Best answer?
Q: I need to know somethings. Below will be what I want to know, what I have, and what I think I need. Can you please take time to read and answer everything I have wrong and what I still need or don’t need.I have:*20 gallon long (for baby)*bowl for greens*supplements. (calcium with d3 and w/o d3. Multivitamins. NO PHOS)*heat lamp that holds up to 75w*I have a 75w infrared heat glo bulb…Will this work for a basking area?*hand mister*newspaper for substract*uvb fixture, holds up to 16w…Will this work?*crickets, phoenix worms (all gutloaded)*greens, mustard, collard, and kale…will these do?I may have forgot. If I did I will add an edit, so check again.I think I need:*a dripping system?*uvb bulb, what size?? for babies and adults*basking spot to be raised(May have forgot something, check again)Now here are my questions besides what I listed above.1) Is it true that you have to give a bearded dragon a warm bath every few days to help shedding and keeping them hydrated? What do I set them in to let them swim a little. Shallow water or deep? Does the water have to be pure or can it besoftenerr water?2)I have uvb fixture that holds up to 16w and I don’t know if it will work. I need to know the size of bulb I need for a baby and an adult. 3) Will a 75w infrared heat glo work for a bearded dragon’s basking spot?4) How often do i feed them a day and what is the best amount of crickets it should be fed a day?5) How do I give them water? A dripping system or just from the misting and a bath?6) If I happen to get a female, how will I know? Will she lay eggs? If so what do I need for her laying eggs? Are they fertile? How can I tell if its a male? I want a male7)When is a scheduled time to mist?8)What is a scheduled time for dusting? Give me somethingI may have forgotten some questions. If you really dedicated to answering and helping me, you should come back and see for any changes.I ask Please! Read and answer with your best knowledge. I have read many sites and some of the above is based on what I read and found in my house. Right now I own a male veiled chameleon,that’ss why I have crickets and phoenix worms with the greens. Please and thank you for answering.Since I can’t e-mail you. I have more questions.What is brumating?So everytime he sheds or brumates I put him in warm water and push water up on his back?So how will he get water? Just from misting? I have a small set of fake leaves from the pet store I think that I can sit in the cage to mist. Will this be necassary?So a max of 16w uv tube will do well?Thanks and I wish I could e-mail you =PTO: happiness is a rubber duck
A: You have everything you need. The infrared bulb will work for the basking area, and the uvb fixture will work, too. All the greens you put will be good as well. You may also want to give him/her fruit every once and a while. (i.e. banana, strawberries, blueberries) But only occasionally so he/she doesn’t get sick. You do not need a dripping system unless you really think your beardie needs it. Get the 75 watt bulb. 1) Bathing- Get a container that has sides high enough to keep your beardie from escaping. Fill it up with lukewarm water: you can use tap, but make sure you put in some reptile dechlorinator. (I use reptisafe.) It should be filled up high enough to touch your beardie’s tummy. Set your beardie in the water and put your hands in the water and let some water roll down his back and get under his shedding skin. It will lossen it so it is easier for him. This only needs to be done when he is shedding, and in the winter when he is brumating. (shedding process-do this about two to three times a week, brumating-do this once a week) 2) I would ask someone at your pet store to help you find the right size bulb to fit in the UVB fixture. That seems like the easiest way to find out, as I cannot see it. :)3) As I said before, the 75w infrared will work out well for the basking spot.4) You should feed your beardie once a day, I do it at night because it is most convinient for me. What ever works for you, just make sure you do it once a day. The easiest way to feed him crickets is to sprinkle a few in there, and see how many he can eat in 1 minute. After he seems to be done eating, take out the other crickets and count how many he ate. If he ate them all, give him more the next day. 7 is a good number to start with.5) You can put a dish of water in the tank, but mine doesn’t often drink from it. Just mist him twice a day, and give him baths, and he should be fine.6) If you get a female, she will not lay eggs unless she has mated with a male. As long as you don’t have both sexes in the tank at the same time, this should not be a problem. It sounds like you are just starting out with bearded dragons, so you should probably get some experience with them before you start to breed. It is really hard to sex bearded dragons, but this website may be helpful:http://www.beardeddragon.org/articles/sexing/7) The best time to mist is when you get up in the morning, and before you go to bed. 8) If you mean dusting the food with the vitamin powder, the best way to do it is by putting the worms/crickets in a little bag and adding the powder. Give it some gentle shakes, and they should be coated. It sounds like you are going to be a very good owner. These are very cool pets, so I hope you have a great time with him! Good luck! -G.
Dog breeding?
Q: I have a female maltese (1 1/2 yrs old, 6 lbs.) and a male havanese (1 yr old, 7 lbs.) that I would like to breed. I have never bred dogs before so I am just learning and am in need of some serious advice. I decided to ask this with hopes that anyone would be so kind as to share their knowledge, experience and insight with me to help me through this process. Let me start by explaining a few things because I know that many people are against breeding dogs, especially mixed breeds. First, my 2 dogs are the only pets that I own, their safety and well-being is my number one concern. They are both AKC registered purebreds. Both dogs have had excellent vet care, my vet checked them both numerous times and sees no problem with mating them now. I have no intentions of becoming a puppy mill or backyard breeder who produces litter after litter for the purpose of making money, my intention is to produce 1 litter for members of my family and friends, who are already waiting for these puppies and I will only ask them to pay what I have paid for the expenses of their vet care and other care required for them. All that being said, I hope you will see fit to give me any advice that you have in order for me to breed my dogs the right way. Now for my issue at hand. On Tues Sept. 3, I first noticed signs of heat in my girl. There was a tiny spot of blood on her tail, however I’m not sure if she’d gone into heat before this as she is extremely clean about it and her vulva was not swollen enough to be really noticeable. Around this time my male was constantly trying to mount her, she would stand for a second or two for him and then knock him off, but he just kept on trying and trying (although his penis never came out of the tube). So at this time I figured she was in the first phase of heat, where bleeding is present but she will not accept him, and I figured she would not let this happen for 7-10 days. However, on Thurs Sept 6, I found them tied, around that time I looked at her vulva again and it was alot more swollen. Now I was confused, the only explanation I could think of was that she had started her heat way before I noticed it and was now in the second phase and that is why she accepted him. Ever since then she has been trying to flirt with him, sticking her butt in his face, mounting him, and backing up to him, but now he is not showing any interest in trying to mount her. He will smell her vulva and lick it but that’s about it. Yesterday Sat. Sept 9, I noticed a tiny bit of blood coming out of her vulva, then a short time later I saw her drip a spot of blood on the floor and my male licked it up as soon as it fell. So, now I’m really confused, I’m not sure what is going on or which stage of heat she is in. The blood makes me think she is still in the first stage of heat and not fertile yet. But her actions and the fact that they tied already makes me think she’s in the second stage and is fertile now. So I can’t figure that out, and I also don’t have any idea why suddenly my male does not want to mount her or how to get him interested again. Any advice is well appreciated, people wanting to bash me need not reply.
A: if they have tied she is likely to get pregnant. however if she is still trying to mate but he is not interested, she may want to be absolutly certain she is pregnant. this is what dogs do.seperate them for a while. if you have a front yard and a back yard place one dog in each for about 3-4 hours and re introduce them. they should be more excited to see each other and should mount. sometimes the male dog just doesnt have the energy to mount and penetrate. this will also give him the opportunity to gather up his energy for a more successful mating.you should also ensure that they do not tie more than 5 days apart because this will increase the risk of there being more than one runt in the litter. the pups fertilised from the later tieing will be less developed and weaker than their brothers and sisters.good luck!p.s. i CANNOT believe there are still people against her breeding her dogs. she wants only 1 litter!her dogs are both akc reg!they are both in perfect health!loving homes are ready for the pups!profit isnt an incentive for the breeding!que the ‘spay and nueter’ police
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