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How can you get rid of motion sickness

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To avoid or help motion sickness it is best to: Avoid alcohol before traveling, Drink ginger tea or ginger beer, Chew MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-get-rid-of-motion-sickness ]
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・ From the second you get onto the plane, boat, etc. , start to chew gum.(About 3 pieces.) This helps with… ・ Towards the middle of the trip, spit out your gum and snack on some saltines. These put more sodium in… ・ When your done with …
There is an absolutely brilliant over-the-counter motion sickness tablet called Stugeron (cinnarizine). I import it via the net as for some reason it’s not available in Australia – it comes from the UK. http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/search.as…
There are many medications to help ease the symptoms of motion sickness, and most of these are available without a prescription.

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How can I get rid of my motion sickness?
Q: I’ve tried medicine,it doesn’t work. I always puke and stuff in cars,buses,and amusement park rides (but I don’t get on those). It really stinks. I want some method to overcome it. I have to ride the bus this year and I’ve already gotten sick on it twice. If you know a way please help.
A: I always say I get seasick in the bathtub, but we love to travel, so I’ve never let it stop me! I’ve tried a number of things depending on how we’re traveling and what we’re doing. Here’s our page on motion sickness…. http://www.mousetourstravels.com/travel-motion-sickness.html you can see some of the options.Read what the US Center for Disease Control has to say here: http://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/yellowBookCh6-MotionSickness.aspxHappy travels… even if you don’t travel the world… just remember that life is a journey… embrace and enjoy it! http://www.mousetourstravels.com
How do you get rid of vertigo?
Q: I was recently diagnosed with vertigo today. Is there a cause for this? Are there things that I can do to help it not occur? I woke up this morning and my room was spinning. I couldn’t even lift my head off the pillow. I wasn’t even drinking last night, either. I went to the dr and he gave me a prescription for motion sickness medicine. Can anyone help me manage this? 🙁 It stinks!!
A: I’m sorry that you have to suffer from vertigo. I have bouts of it whenever I suffer a migraine headache. So, I understand how dibilitating it can be. There are many causes for vertigo from inner ear disturbances to …. Alcohol, overmedicating with both prescription and non prescription drugs, dehydration are a few things that have been proven to cause vertigo. Approx. 40% or people have it once in their lifetime. It is a spinning sensation that is most oftenly caused by an equilibrium or balance disorder. There are two kinds: subjective – you spin; Objective – things around you spin. There is a homeopathic drug called Equitab that relieves the nausea, dizziness and headaches that often accompany vertigo. Many times dramamine or any motion sickness medicine works. Take something for the nausea like Phenergan or Pepto Bismol(to calm the stomach). If it continues then cat scans etc. can see if there is a underlying medical cause. I have taken a prescription amytriptolene that has helped immensely.Make sure you keep your electrolyte balance up even if you feel nauseous. This will really help.Sorry. I know it stinks.
How can i get rid of cramps?
Q: I have the worst cramps ever. I get really tired my back hurts my stomach hurts, and I get extremely nasueated( dont think i selled that right) I have taken just about any and every OTC med you can think of like midol, pamprin, advil, aleve etc. none of them seem to work everytime I take a med I end up throwni up like two hours later. I try using a heating pad n takin a hot bath neither of those seem to work either. I have talked to a doctor and been put on meds too but that has not worked eit her. I have tried playing sports n exercising but its like i get motion sickness n throw up. can some onee please help me?
A: I get real bad cramps too but pain killers usually work for me,try a heat pad and rub some cream on our back something with menthol to sothe it.about the throwing up you should def go back to your doctr and tell him/her about it.Warm milk is also good and makes you sleepy 🙂
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