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How do I get cramps to go away

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The often most effective relief for menstrual cramps is an OTC pain reliever. Use applied heat to relieve menstrual cramps. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-cramps-to-go-away ]
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How do i get this cramp to go away?
You might try doing some stretches… give your leg a rest… if you have a heating pad you might try that… also you might try taking an ibuprofen. Although if i had to guess you might have injured something and it could be a little more …
How do I get my cramps to go away
To get rid of menstruation cramps you can take a warm bath or lay with a heating pad against your abdomen. Get some rest. ChaCha!
How do you get leg cramps to go away?
Eating foods high in potassium can significantly reduce leg cramps. If you choose to use a tablet supplement be very careful, you don’t want to take too much.

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How do you make period cramps go away?
Q: I always get really bad cramps when im on my period and midol, advid, ib profen, etc.. never work for me no matter how many i take any suggestions? they get bad like really bad sometimes even causeing me to throw up.
A: This is a really serious answer, but masturbation really helps. It relaxes your muscles enough to make them not feel crampy. Don’t do it with your hand, just a vibrator or something. . . Sorry it’s a little TMI, but it seriously does help, even though with cramps you’re probably not in the mood.
How do you make side cramps go away?
Q: It makes my lungs hurt when I breathe and I cant inhale much without being in painIts been there for a few hours and I dont know how to make it go awayIs there a way to get rid of it?(Its only in one side in case that helps, right where my rips/lungs are)Thanks!will oranges help or make it worse?i cant decide if i should eat one or not
A: Hmmm I get that pain sometimes too. (I have a lot of medical probs) Usually after I have been laying down for awhile. Sometimes if you side bend towards the same way while sitting that will help. If it is gas though take a gas tablet. Don’t have any try a can of Coka-Cola. Warm helps the best. None of that? Try about 6-8 oz. of water with 1tsp. of baking soda dissolved into it. Warm watter you don’t have to drink the whole thing just like 3 or 4 regular sized drinks should do.
How can I make my menstrual cramps go away?!?!?!?
Q: I have had my period for about 2 years (I was 11, oh joy) and I always get the worst cramps! I can barely stand it. Normally I take Midol and sleep for a few hours. But we have no midol or any kind of pain relive!! I’ve tryed heat, and it makes it worse. I am not leaving my bed so please don’t suggest exercise, that hurts to… What can I do to make them go away?
A: Well, if you don’t want to exercise, and you don’t have Midol I heard if you eat bananas that will make your cramps go away.
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