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How do I get off warts

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Warts will go away on their own, but if they are painful a doctor can remove them for you or you can try an OTC treatment. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-off-warts ]
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How do you get off warts
You could try OTC medicines like Compound W. Or soak a cotton ball in vinegar and tape it to your wart with a bandage for MORE?
What is good to get rid off warts?
Well, the most common thing, and most powerful thing you can do is go to the doctor about them. He can either burn them off, or freeze them off. If you don’t like the idea of a doctor though, you can try this…it might sound weird, but it …
How do i get rid off warts on the hands?
If you keep rubbing them with vinegar eventually they will turn black, shrivel up and die.

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how do i get rid off warts on the hands?
Q: heey i have 7 warts on my hands and im wondering what is the best way to get rid of them?
A: If you keep rubbing them with vinegar eventually they will turn black, shrivel up and die.
laser off warts…does it really work??
Q: it started out with 1 wart on my right leg and it got a little bigger in the past couple yrs. my parents never did anything about it b/c first of all they didn’t know wut it was and they thought that it would just go away. but in the past yr i’ve gone to the dr about 5 times to get them frozen off an it never works! i even used the home stuff like compound w and doesn’t work. on sat morning im going to get them lasered off but i hope they stay away for good this time! wut exactly does lasering them off do? how effective is it that they DO NOT come back? i hate hain these warts on my leg,…they are the reason i dont wear shorts in the summer and i only wear capris that are long enough to cover them up! really embarassing i know but i hope saturday goes well and laser does work for them. can i shave my legs before i go on sat or just leave it bc the doctor has told me before that shaving can spread it.wut does she want me to do?not shave till they are gone forever??
A: Laser works about like freezing–it might be permanent and it might not. It depends on the wart. A dermatologist and an immunologist may be your best bet. There is a process by which they excise (cut off) some of the existing warts and use them to create a vaccine which they then give to you. No More Warts! But the procedure is relatively expensive.
any explinations on how to get warts off my hand plz take time to read the qeustion?
Q: i have two pretty good size warts… and a couple of small ones that are continully starting to spread the biggest one ive had almost 3 yrs now and ive tried alot of things…. ive tried cutting it off…. which it came back bigger… i did that two times… and ive tried going to the doctor about it and he said the cheapist way to do it put tape over it and keep it moist and it will eventully fall of but i the biggest one is right on top of my knuckle and it is really a hard place to kep moist and its really ambarising to me so if anyone reads this would you have any tips to help get them off b4 i start high school in 3 weeks
A: Yes, I know the perfect cure for you. Warts are nasty ones because if you irritate them, they can spread within 48 hours. Dont’ do that again. Moiturizers wont’ help either. Try to go to a botanical garden or and look for a fresh plant of Papaveraceae. The latin name is: Chelidonium majus Linne or Chelidonium majus var. majus. It’s really works wonders. I don’t know the English name, but if you doo Google images, search this hungarian word: verehullo fecskefu. It’s a yellow flower. Pay attention to the leaf, that is more characteristic. It’s a very common flower in Europe, grows wild in the dark corners of the gardens. If you take the latin name, you can search even further. If you find the plant, it’s not the flower which is helping you, it’s the shaft. Cut it in half, and you will see white-yellow dropps coming out from the pith, put those drops in your wart. Then take a piece of plant shaft, put it in a piece of nylon, cut it in small pieces, so that you can have more juice out of it, wrap that around your body part with the wart and put bandage to fix it. Leave it for 48 hours. If the wart doesn’t disappear, repeat the exercise. Within a week it will go away trust me.
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